More like cessna added a few pounds of weight to get retractable gears to look cool

14 days ago

737 max is broken :l

Two crashes now
Grounded in many countries and airlines, but Boeing hasn't done much about a plane that has some serious issues

11 days ago

A380plus, neo, -900 or -1000?

Airbus still has plans to make an A380plus, despite no airline really showing any interest. Emirates wants a neo.
Which airliner would you like to see? 
I want to see an A380-1000 cause the A380 looks a bit short and long planes look cool. But I think it's quite clear that it will never be produced, as the capacity is just way too massive.

a month ago

Boom Overture: The Concorde's successor

The Boom Overture will be the next supersonic airliner, assuming that they have enough money by the time serial production comes. Japan Airlines have expressed an interest in the aircraft, investing 10 million dollars in the company. Japan Airlines might actually purchase the aircraft.

2 months ago

bee logic

aviation permits anything as small and thicc as a A318 to fly correctly

2 months ago

Best LCC

Ryanair crew be like: I'm going to land this plane like i'm flying blindfolded with autopilot on

2 months ago

Silk Way il-76

I'd like to know the registrations because I might go to Baku in the future and planespot from the terminal. So far, I haven't found a list.

2 months ago

Best General Aviation Manufacturer?

So, which manufacturer produces the best GA planes?
Feel free to choose another.

I've never flown anything but a Piper Cherokee, so I'm partial to Piper. If I ever get rich, hopefully I'll have a Mooney.

3 months ago