Happy Hope day!! πŸ’œπŸ€—

So i was wondering, if someone come and say to you 'hey i love bts, but i don't like jhope'... (or any other member. i'm just giving hobi as an example bc it's his bday ans i think ppl don't appreciate him as much as he deserves)
what would your answer be?

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a day ago

π™©π™π™žπ™£π™œπ™¨ π™ž π™₯π™€π™£π™™π™šπ™§ 𝙀𝙣 (𝙖 𝙑𝙀𝙩)

1. how come i can memorize a bazillion kpop groups members names, but can't remember the five people that wrote the declaration of independence?
2. why can remember a whole song in korean, but can't remember the periodic table of elements?
3. how come i can use up all my energy jamming to kpop, but literally fail pe?
4. how come i can stay up 'till 4 'o clock AM (hehe) watching kpop crack compilations, but can't stay up past 9 PM to do math homework?

rant in the comments! XD

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4 months ago

bye bye to our boys (for now)

if you didn't already know, where have you been? bts will be going on two year hiatus after their next album. why? they will be serving in the military. i, personally, am proud of them for making this decision. i will miss them, but its for the honor of their country. some people are angry, but imagine if they didn't go. they would be hated on and disrespected by other fandoms (probably). its an honor for them to serve and if they missed this opportunity then shame would be put on them all. yes, they were given the opportunity to opt out of it, but they chose to serve their nation. this shows how loyal and respectful they are. Β however, serving in the military doesn't necessarily mean they will automatically be out on the battlefield on the verge on death, this just means they will be put in training.
recently, bts has renewed their contract with bighit and will be writing and producing more music even after they come back from the military. nothing is separating us from our babes just yet.
bts are loving, kind, respectful, and such amazing young people. their fanbase has grown so much since 2013 and looking back, they have worked so hard and have given us so much love we can never imagine.
being a multi-stan of many groups, i will just have to listen to them and old bts albums when they come back. i'm not saying this in a bad/bitter way, i just will miss them (its not like i've said that a million times already...)
i know they'll never see this, but army's, please, continue to send love to them and care for them.

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3 months ago

Is it cool if I make a request?

I’ve been looking for a complete piano version of Stigma (by complete, I mean both hands). Can anyone pls help me out? I’m not under any pressure to get it immediately, so feel free to TAEk your time (lol see what I did there? Haha pls don’t kick me out)

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2 months ago

most memorable bts moment

now that the year is coming to an end, lets all reflect on all of the many eventful things that have happened to our boys. as a fandom, we should be grateful for all the wonderful and amazing things bts has done for army. yes, i know, bts will be on two year hiatus after their next album because of due military service. but i will save that for another discussion. whats the most memorable moment you have of bts? and what do you hope they can achieve for the years to come?

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3 months ago

Bts guitar songs

Ok I’m new here and I play the guitar. But like it’s kinda hard to find like music for kpop songs. So if y’all play guitar help me out here :) I love bts so muche😘 my bias is jhope and my bias wreaker is jin!! I love them so much :)

But guys please help me with kpop songs for guitar

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10 months ago


so recently on twitter ive been seeing posts about yoongi. what happened to him? people are sayng that they want him to come back...but i don't get it. is it because he hasn't posted in a long time? idk

also, did tae really have to get rid of his mullet? i haven't seen any news of that. only from some of my friends...

im probably really late to all these things XD

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6 months ago


i just watched the bts comeback trailer (ft. jin's solo epiphany) and im already in love with it. what are your thoughts on the comeback, right after the last one? are your wigs ready to be snatched?

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6 months ago

My second account!

Hi! I just wanted to make this in case there's any people here who follow me! I have a second musescore account where some of my other arrangements were housed during the time musescore's delete function was broken. I've now publicized the account so Airplane pt 2, Fake Love, and Magic Shop are all available there! Thanks for being patient with me hehe ^__^

Link: https://musescore.com/jigbea48342

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6 months ago

Fandom Wars

As you guys know, ARMY and other fandoms have been fighting a lot recently. I personally am saddened by this. I mean, music is supposed to connect us, not divide us to the point where we have full-blown twitter wars. What do you guys think we can do to stop the fighting and just get along?

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a year ago