New SATB A Cappella Composition - The Gift to Sing

Hello! I thought I would share this with you guys really quickly. I set the poem "The Gift to Sing" for SATB choir, and figured you might like to hear it, since the meaning of the poem and the composition is one that many of us live by - there is nothing better or stronger than the gift to sing. :)

I would also love any critiques you would be willing to offer, because there are still a few chords and things here and there that I am unsure about. I know that this piece requires a big range from each vocal part, but I think it should be manageable (at least from a soprano's perspective) - so if you have any thoughts on that or anything else as well, I would love to hear them!

This is a really special piece to me, as it is for my old choir director, who is the one who inspired me to pursue music as a career. I would appreciate any and all comments and critiques you have, because I want this to be as good as possible when I give it to her!

Thank you so much! Happy composing and arranging, everyone! :D

9 months ago

Choral Composition Competition!!!

Hello All! I've just started a small competition for fun at this page:
It's for choral compositions only! There were no groups for that yet, as, as you likely know, there are only so many groups for choir music at all :/

Anyway, I'm new at competitions, but I'd love to see some of your faces there! I want to try to bridge the gap between the choral community and everyone else on musescore!

Oh, and for you pop arrangers, there is an arrangement division! (although you could also do things like my Aase's Death XD)

Thanks! Andy (Texadon, Nextadon, Hexadon, etc.)

2 years ago

Howdy musicians!

How are the notes goin'? I need some advice/comments/suggestions from you people. I'm a starting (uhm I hate it when I need to call myself amateur, just kidding) composer, so I need some opinions from you so I can improve my works. Because I will be presenting some of my works for the talent auditions after the music theorem exam at the University of the Philippines college of music. Though the only pieces I will be presenting is the Crucifixus (part of my 3 sacred Latin works) and A Psalm of David. BTW, I'm planning to take BM Composition and theory. ;)

I'm a 4th year high school, (Middle school here in the Philippines is only 4 years, after that, you go to college. but recently, Our department of education applied the same curriculum as the US'.) So there is still plenty of time for me to prepare.
Thank you so much in advance. :)

4 years ago