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Oct 13, 2018

hey everyone can someone please make sheet music to this song i would really appreciate it.  please this is one of my favorite songs of all time. 
 .  make sure the sheet music is the same version as the one in the link 


that is a copy of someone else's but in fewer pages, so please tell me when you have printed it.
hey thank you so much i really appreciate it.  Im actually on a trip right now but ill get back in 2 days to print it.  Is that ok?
It probably isn’t the same, I haven’t checked.
ok ill print the one you made when i get back in 2 days can you keep it up till then ill let you know when i have 
If you’ve seen any of these comments please respond, thank you.
As long as the other fellow doesn’t ask me to take it down :)
@Piªno_Mªn hey sorry it took so long.  I printed it so you can take it off.  i appreciate it 
I downloaded it for the musescore app, clicked the first note hit shift and over untill I got to the ened then copied it and pasted it on a new score(sounds complicated).
was it hard and did it take a long time?  Cuz when i was trying to hole punch the papers i accidentally ripped it.  Im trying to edit the score to make it smaller again just to print it but i can't figure out how 
Oh, no it didn’t take very long.
I’m not sure I know what you mean.
i messed up the copies i printed so I'm trying to edit this score  https://musescore.com/user/6673281/scores/4829973 and edit it to make it smaller like you did but i can't figure out how to do it 
I could send you a pdf, if you want.
you can try to send my it through musescore mail, if thats ok 
I can't put the file in the message...
do you have the musescore app?
no, but i can download it.  how will i be able to access the file from there 
I was just thinking you would be able to do it yourself...
I was trying to do it on the computer but couldn’t figure out how to make the score smaller. (And sorry if I’m still bothering you about it)
No you’re fine, you have make a completely new score with the same amount of measures, then copy the notes from “Even If” and paste them on the new score.
Ok thanks I’ll try it out when I get home
If that’s not clear just tell me and I’ll reword it or something. :)
Hey i really hate to ask this but could you put the score back up for like 10 minuets, i can't figure out how to do it. sorry
I didn't see your comment.
hey thanks so much i appreciate it you can take it down now 
OKay, you might want to save a PDF of it.
yeah, that's what I figured

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