Nativity Play

 I have put together a Christmas presentation for my Sunday School  Children at church.  It is for age groups 3 to 14.  I am happy to share  the whole lot if someone is interested.  It is a chronological reading  of the events starting with the prophecies and ending with the 3 wise  men.  All the readings are interrupted with appropriate carols.  Only 4  strong readers have speaking parts.  The rest are silent, which makes  preparation and rehearsals easy.  I live in South Africa, so some of the  songs are in the Afrikaans language, but all the songs can be done in  English except for Bethlehem Ster, but that is replaceable. I have done  an power point presentation to accompany the whole lot. You can contact  me on">

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4 months ago

Christmas music for orphans and displaced people

I believe that there are a lot of children in the world for whom our Christmas story is up to date in a very high, but completely different dimension and sense. And that all our ideas about Christmas, however justified they may be for each of us here, can no longer do justice to the living conditions associated with it: children in civil war zones, in bombed-out cities in Syria, in Yemen or elsewhere in the world. Children who are driven out, whose parents have to flee because they have the wrong faith, without having a chance of ever being able to offer them a real home. I don't know, but that's what reminds me of the Christmas story. And I am of the opinion that their fate deserves to be included in our collective experience through current music and content, which perhaps cannot be called Christmas music in a strict sense, but which for me still belong to it.

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a year ago

Welcome to the Official Christmas Music Group

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the MuseScore Official Christmas Music Group.

The purpose of this group is to not only share great sheet music, but for sharing knowledge, information and discussion about ANYTHING related to composing, writing, arranging and performing Christmas music.

ALL styles of Christmas music are welcome, in fact, the more the better!

As always, in addition to the general MuseScore Community Guidelines, there is only one other rule here - criticism is not only welcome, but encouraged, but keep in mind it is meant to help build each other up, not tear anyone down. Give advice how you'd wish to receive.

Have fun!

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a year ago

Your Favorite Christmas Songs & Arrangements

Thought it would be interesting to members of the group to share their favorite Christmas songs or arrangements that not on MuseScore ... yet. Could inspire each other to make some transcriptions or new arrangments.

A few of my favorites:

- The Little Drummer Boy (Bing Crosby, David Bowie) -
- The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) -
- Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley) -
- O Come All Ye Faithful (Frank Sinatra) -
- Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade) -
- Do They Know It's Christmas (Band Aid) -
- Christmas Medley (Carpenters) -

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a year ago