Breakthrough (Version 2)
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Breakthrough (Version 2)

2 parts7 pages04:2814 hours ago23 views
I made this as a harder version of the original “Breakthrough” for my friends who are doing it for a performance. This version has some new parts and features to make the piece have some more color. Enjoy!

This is a marimba duet that represents a breakthrough (ha, ha) in my composing skills. "Breakthrough" is a duet with a great melody, a concept meant to be harmonic, and, overall, a pleasure to listen to. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Enjoy, and, as always, "Represent your shadow"!
Fire and Ice
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Fire and Ice

5 parts5 pages01:0821 days ago59 views
Piano(4), Voice
Bass has the melody. Because I'm weird like that.


15 parts24 pages01:412 days ago119 views
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn(2), Trumpet(2), Trombone, Tuba, Percussion(5)
I was wondering if anyone could give me a tip or two on what I'm doing wrong at the end of the song (currently). It just doesn't seem to tie in with the rest.

Fly Or Die

2 parts6 pages03:323 days ago128 views
Trombone, Piano
Piece composed by Gilles Rocha.
Obviously if you were to perform this at a concert or competition, you would have to purchase the original score from

A Journey in the CloudSweeper

10 parts23 pages01:42a month ago242 views
Percussion(3), Piano(2), Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass
You're in a mechanical flying machine, travelling through the clouds on a dark night, the cool air not bothering you a bit, for you are distracted by the wondrous sight that is before you.

My boyfriend recently moved to Australia and last night we placed a whole bunch of glow in the dark stars and moons around the ceiling of my room and it's so pretty and peaceful at night, which is what inspired this song. Finished my first year of uni which I am happy about! My results come out in less than a week. Hope everyone on this site is doing well


Enjoy :)

Tractor Rag

1 part3 pages02:503 months ago249 views
L. W. M. Tworzydlo, John Lambert. The composer of our times. Selected scores for the piano, Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo, Gdańsk 2018, p. 16-18.
-> ISMN 979-0-9020142-3-6

Download single score or selected book (for free) through the following web page:

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Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo


1 part32 pages21:199 days ago94 views
These pieces are put in order of date composed. It shows how my style changed in this half a year. I will post more work here later. BEWARE 18+ TAGS
1. Fughetta: A 2 voiced fugue. My first completed work. You can see how pathetic it is.
2. Elegie: The first piece I post here.
3. Malinconia: Obviously inspired by Tarrega's Lagrima. (But better)
4. Etude 1: Chopin op 25 no 4 on steroids with glissandos.
5. Etude 2: You can see my harmony in the middle section is bad.
6. Sonatina: Homage to Mozart with a reference to Liszt's Requiem in the middle section.
7. Tarantella: A more recent work. You can see I treat it as a more important work as I write down slurs and dynamics.
8. March: An experiment on weird chord modulation and tone clusters.
Goodbyes in Paradise
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Goodbyes in Paradise

1 part4 pages02:4212 days ago40 views
"Goodbyes in Paradise" was actually my first piece ever composed! This is just a fun, much simpler solo based off a classical beach vacation. The composition is much easier than most of my pieces, and is a great starting piece for someone who is just learning the four-mallet technique. I didn't change any of the notes or structure of the piece, so if it looks much more elementary than most of my pieces, it's because this was literally my first piece lol (I might make additions later on). Anyways, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Enjoy, and, as always, "Represent your shadow!"

Nonlinear Development

4 parts96 pages43:4212 days ago35 views
Violin(2), Viola, Cello
Nonlinear Development! The completed string quartet of six parts, written in the format of math music, hopefully evocative and technically appreciable from my earlier work (which was terrible), but also definitely amateur, hence why the major theme is development. Hopefully the first step towards a lifetime of music. I will be honored by any attention this gets! It is something I've devoted years to, whole weeks of nonstop writing and editing, and am soon to put the effort into collaborating in its performance by the New England String Quartet.
The Seven's Song
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The Seven's Song

11 parts12 pages01:2617 days ago69 views
Oboe, Piano, Strings(5), Voice(4)
This is for a web comic that is being developed...

Oh and Blast this at a decent volume, but warning it can get loud....

The oboe that plays the melody is actually supposed to be a single person singing, but the musescore sound is annoying so now its an oboe.
Title Theme 2 (piano)
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Title Theme 2 (piano)

1 part2 pages01:1518 days ago200 views
this is when everything starts to pick up.
theme is condensed, orchestrated is in progress but i'm too lazy to finish so


5 parts7 pages03:0920 days ago41 views
Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
Hello all, here's some stream-of-conciousness ramblings of mine, as well as playing around with harmonic major. Listen, comment, and enjoy!