Just a random competiton

Hello! This is Elizabeth, and I'm currently working on a Take Action project for Girl Scouts, which is entirely about sound pollution, light pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. The catch? No one is allowed to talk. Not even the table instructors. All communication will be non-verbal, and if anyone speaks, it will be obvious. Therefore, it might seem... really boring with no talking. So, my solution is to have music playing in the background. Mostly quiet, ambiance music. As part of the Musescore community, I thought it would be a good idea to have a contest for music. Any winners will receive publicity for their site, and it will be mentioned out loud during a break before the raffle. The rules are as follows:

-Must use one of these ensembles:
-Solo piano
-String ensemble
-Flute choir
-Strings and piano
-Piano Duet
-Flute and Piano

-It must be able to fit in the background.
-MP3s or other audio files would be better than Musescore files
-Soundfonts appreciated, but not required.

You may either post the link below or email me a file at lizasher.music@gmail.com
Good luck, and have fun! Submissions are due February 12th 12 PM EST

ALSO! Anything that ranks above a 20 out of 30 will be played, and multiple pieces per person can be submitted.
10 pts. possible for tone
4 pts. possible for prettiness
6 pts. possible for correct ensemble
10 pts. possible for musicality

2 years ago

Realistic Music (For a Middle Schooler) Contest

One thing I've noticed, while looking around Musescore, is that there simply aren't enough pieces for middle schoolers. I decided to make this into a contest. The rules are as follows:

-No glissandi except for on trombones.
-No trills except for on woodwinds (Yes, I have seen this before done on brass instruments, but it's not something a middle schooler could do easily.)
-Must be within a reasonable range for the instruments chosen
-No jumps more than 5 notes.
-The only instrument that can use 16th notes are snare drum and timpani.
-You can compose a solo, a duet, a trio, a wind quartet, sax quartet, brass quartet, string quartet, wind quintet, brass quintet, full orchestra, or full concert band piece.
-Arrangements or original pieces are allowed.

I will judge on realism, notation, instrumentation, music content, and how well the piece is written in general.

Good luck!

Entries are due June 21st and will be judged by June 23rd.

The prize is publicity from me, though I doubt that will help. I have very little viewers and only 17 followers, haha!

2 years ago

MuseScore Composition OLYMPICS 2016!

Please come join in on round 2 of the MS Comp OLYMPICS. All winners go into a fight in the final month to see who the top 3 are. Also, I try to make small hints at the next round when posting round details. This week's reference is 3 participation points. Check out the Song from a Story Contest on MS Composers to guess the reference there.

2 years ago

Marching Band Contest [due date is pushed back]

The challenge is to create a Marching Band score with the following restrictions:
2 flutes/piccolos
3 Bb clarinets
2 Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxes
3 Bb Trumpets
2-4 Mellophones (marching French Horns)
3 Trombones
1 Marching Baritone BC and TC
1 Tuba
2 Marching Snares
3 Marching Tenors
1 Marching Bass (use all 5 notes for the basses)
1 Marching Cymbals
Time signature: 7/8

Remember, make it lively and make it sound good. I will critique based on the criteria:
Intonation/Articulation: 1 point (.5 point for each)
Chords and Balance:1 point
Rhythm: 1 point
Dynamics: 1 point
Style: 1 point
Creativity: 1 bonus point
Total: 6/5 possible points

NOTE!! Ezlo will also help judge alongside me. Make it ur best and make it flow and exciting. Good luck!

2 years ago

Improvisation Contest

This is rather simple: improvise a composition. So do whatever you must, but try to improvise the best you can to produce a piece for this contest. You can compose a fantasia, impromptu, nocturne in the style of John Field (just meaning that there's no apparent structure), etc., so long as it's improvised. I don't care what instrument(s) you use. I won't use points again, just because this is more about who has the superior melodies and who can do the best job of putting them on paper.

Submissions due by June 19th.

2 years ago

Variations Contest!

DUE BY: May 30th
Alright guys, here's how this works.
You can take either your own composition, or an arrangement that you made, and then make both THE ORIGINAL and AT LEAST 3 variations of it in one score. Post a link to it in the comments below to enter.

Although I don't like making rigid point schemes for judging, here are some things to keep in mind that will make you more likely to win:

Well-made original (whether a good arrangement or good composition)
Unique and distinctly different variations
Clear notation
Good Instrumentation
Quality harmonies
Attention to detail (dynamics, articulations, grace notes, etc.)
Overall sound

From this contest on, it will be more rare to have admin as a prize, in order to keep contest posting to a manageable amount. This contests prize WILL be admin, however, for both first and second place.

One quick note! I have a very interesting contest idea in mind, but it will require more people to actively engage in contests first. The more this group gets shared, the sooner that will happen, so if you enjoy this group, please share it with others!

2 years ago

Composition Contest

So, last one was an arrangement contest. Congratulations to aj111000! Check his page out at https://musescore.com/user/100470 .

What the heck, let's make a composition contest.

This one will follow the same formula as the last one. Any original composition is allowed (yes, I mean YOUR original composition). Bonus points for creativity, a catchy melody, or sweet chord progressions. Winner is gifted with publicity from me on whatever the next piece I post is, as well as in the next contest!
Good luck!

Submissions are due on the 1st of March!

3 years ago

Swing Challenge

DUE BY: 6/30
The name of the challenge is somewhat self-explanatory. You must create a song that is:
At least 5 minutes long
Is either a solo with piano accompaniment or Jazz Combo/Big Band
Is original
And, most importantly, it must be swung
The reward is publicity.

2 years ago

Another Composition Contest

Time for another composition contest. There's no theme, so write whatever you want, however you want. Compositions will receive points by:

1. Appreciation of notation (No messy scores!)-5 points max
2. Strong use of articulations and ornamentation-15 points max
3. Good use of dynamics-10 points max
4. Pleasant sound-20 points max

Bonus points:
1. Well-used motif(s)-5 points

Whichever composition garners the largest number of points wins. Same rewards as Ezlo's contests: adminship, publicity, and the right to post your own contests. Deadline is May 1st. Good luck!

2 years ago

Motif Contest!

Alright, so here's an interesting one. Link below either a composition OR an arrangement, it doesn't matter which, that has a motif running throughout the piece. It doesn't have to be constant, just repeated two or more times. I'll judge differently for arrangements and compositions, but there will be only one winner.

Compositions get points for...
a catchy/interesting motif(s)
good use of the motif(s) in the song
different uses/variations on the motif(s)
overall sound

Arrangements get points for...
accurate representation of the motif(s) OR a nice interpretation of the motif(s)
overall accuracy/sound of the piece
added sections that feature or expand on the motif(s)

And that's it! Link your pieces below, and the winner will win the right to become admin and make contests occasionally if they wish. Deadline is April 8th, midnight GMT.

2 years ago

Genre Change Challenge

Alright, everyone, it's time for a new challenge.
For this, you have to take a song from any genre or time period and write it in a totally different style. Some examples would be writing the Ode to Joy as a Jazz Band arrangement or writing "Hail to the King" as an instrumental ballad. Use any combination of at least 5 tuned instruments and at least one untuned percussion part to create it. Rewards are TBD.

3 years ago

Transcription/Arrangement Contest!

Contest #1!
The prize will be both admin (if wanted) and publicity from yours truly.
So here's how it works. You arrange or transcribe something, and post it to this group sometime before Sunday the 24th (of January). It can be anything from Rhapsody in Blue, to Sweet Home Alabama, to the Duck Tales: Moon theme.
Extra points for creativity!
That's about it. I'll judge over the course of Sunday and Monday, and will post the results then!

To enter, just link your song in the comments down below.

3 years ago