Help me out with this!

I just was browsing about musescore - do dee dum (nodding my head to various musik ja)
When I had a vision... Musescore is connected to an alternate universe. ThIS SoNdS A LiTlle WIeRd I knOw.
That ashboy and the newkid are actually the same person, just in alternate universes. That is why they're able to make such good music. They don't even know it! That I and Fuhrken are the same and maethepirate and insaneintherain are actually oil barons in the other universe! The other megamattaurs and a_bohman are trying to find a way to merge dimensions!
I need your help to let THe wHoLe WoRLd KnOw! This may destroy space time fabric!

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6 years ago

Investigate this!

Is this wierd or what?
The user rex4826487 has many accounts this one is the master one ( He has many pieces that are the same as this user's: tkbagatelle (
Here is an example, first piece (
and then a few months later this one

If you notice the piece is transposed into a different key, the font is different, the instrument name is present on the latter one and there is an opus number.

This one ( and this one ( are not note for note verbatim, but they are pretty much the same.

There are some others as well...
It could be that they asked and the person who gave them requested that they didn't mention....

I believe that rex4826487 has composed some original works. I happened upon of his/her compositions and noticed a comment said, and I paraphrase "There is a copy of this already on musescore" which was true. But today after searching, I am unable to find the first mentioned piece.

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6 years ago

A conspiracy in the very fabric of our software...

Brethren, I must regretfully inform you all of a successful attempt to infiltrate our minds through the software that we so dearly cherish. The popular user Marc Sabatella ( has two (perhaps more) of his original compositions hidden in the digital folds of MuseScore 1.2. They are "Reunion" and "All Dudes," both of which can be found in the "demos" folder of the software. All of us have them on our computers, you may notice. You may be wondering, "How did he get by the programers? Is he a programmer? Is he an alien? Is his music government-ordained to use the power of music to direct our votes? Are the files patient viruses? Did he invent MuseScore? Why is he so popular? Where is Mister Kitty?" and most importantly, "Why?" all of which I cannot answer. All I know is that we all must be aware and take notice to stand against it. This is a serious threat that we can all overcome together! (Why is it a threat? I don't know. It just is.)

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6 years ago

A Conspiracy Group? :O

Sounds awfully suspicious . . . . I'm keepin' my eyes on you guys. *Squints.*

Random conspiracy theory of the day: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. How can a "little girl show" be so addicting?! It's cute, has substance, and is MUSICALLY AWESOME! (Seriously, though, that music is catchy. Especially Pinkie Pie's songs.) If you haven't seen it, DOO EEET. Netflix, YouTube, whatever. It's my new favorite show. =D

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6 years ago