Reigniting Contests

Well, obviously, this group's been inactive for a very long time, but I felt a need to start it back up again. Just let me know if you think that's a good idea, and if you do, make some suggestions for contests. If I get three people to reply to this post saying that they'd like new contests, I'll go ahead and upload one.

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a year ago

Trio Contest

Make a Trio and I'll see who's best. I'm also in the contest. On the composition write in the comments "This is for the Trio Contest." Have fun composing :). I'll choose honestly! Write on this comment "I'm participating," and I'll include you. The deadline is September 1. Good luck, you'll need it.

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2 years ago

Euphonium Solo contest!

Rules are the same as all previous contests. You must create a euphonium solo with no jumps over a fifth interval, no notes above E flat above staff or below E below, and must be at least a minute long. If you need help, I am here to assist as I am a euphonium player myself.
In case you need to know these are the fingerings for each note available for the contest.
E below- 1 2 3
F below- 1 3
Gb bottom line- 2 3
G- 3
A flat- 1
A- 2
Bb- open fingering
B/C flat- 1 2 3
C- 1 3
C#- 2 3
D- 3
E flat- 1
E- 2
F- open fingering
Gb- 2 3
G- 3
Ab- 1
A- 2
Bb- open fingering
B- 3
C- 1
C#- 2
D- open fingering
Eb- 1.

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2 years ago

Rare Key Signature Writing Contest!

The goal of this contest is to write a song for a band or orchestra in any of the less used musical keys- A major, E major, B major, G flat major, or D flat major. The entry for this contest CANNOT be your harp concerto. Points will be awarded for:

Pleasant sound- 20 pts.
Good overall balance- 15 pts.
Getting the full effect of KSig: 20 pts.
Creativity - 10 pts.
Dynamics- 14 pts.
Bonus points will be awarded for a well used motif or for writing in a minor key. First place will receive an admin, a follow, and their name will be on my next score. If all 5 members compete, then second place will receive temporary admin for a month, and a follow. Contest will be judged by @Jacob Spencer and then secondarily judged by yours truly for final results.

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2 years ago

Theme and Variations for Piano Contest

For this contest you need to write a theme and four variations for piano.


Form and Structure: Theme and four variations. Each variation must be exactly the same length as the theme. You may change the harmony slightly if you wish. You may optionally include a short introduction and coda.

Key: Your piece can be in any key. It must begin and end in the same key. At least one variation must be in a different mode from the theme. The variations may be in different keys.

Instrument(s): Solo Piano (no other instruments allowed)

Length: No restrictions

Additional rules: You may include detailed performance directions in the description box. I will consider these when judging.

Judging criteria:

50 pts. - Following the rules (this affects your score the most. If you do not follow the rules, you will not be disqualified, but you will lose a considerable number of points.)
8 pts. - Overall good sound. (don’t worry about software instrument playback. I will be playing through these myself on piano.)
10 pts. - Solid harmony
10 pts. - Well constructed theme.
12 pts. - Well constructed variations (4 pts. per variation.)
10 pts. - Unity of thought between variations

I reserve the right to give no first place if I deem that no pieces are suitable.

Award: First place will receive a follow by me, and your piece will be favorited. If possible, you will also receive admin for this group.

This contest will be judged by me. Deadline is May 20. Don’t worry about time zones. Ask me if you have any questions.

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2 years ago

Band Contest

Write a song for a concert band using the following instrumentation as a guide:
5 Flutes
2 Oboes
7 Clarinets
3 Alto Saxes
1 Bassoon
4 Trumpets Bb
3 Horns (F)
2 Trombones
2 Euphoniums
1 Tuba
1 Bari Sax
1 Tenor Sax
13 Percussion

Pieces will be judged by the same judging panel as before. Pieces due by May 12 or whenever all entries are submitted. Winner receives publicity and a follow. You can use old scores if you wish.

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2 years ago

Original Compostition Contest!

This contest is for any original score. It will be judged on 2 10- point scales making a total of 20 points. Your original can be old or new, so likely everyone can enter this one. You can enter the same piece you entered in the rare key contest or the harp concerto contest. Pieces will once agin be judged by the same panel of judges as before. Pieces due by May 12. If everyone enters, the winner will receive admin and right to post contests. If only a few enter, the winner will only receive a follow and publicity. Admin will become rare as a reward because we only have 12 members.

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2 years ago

Harp Concerto Contest!

Write a concerto featuring the harp in the key of C flat major, A flat minor, A-flat major, or B minor. The song must be 2-5 minutes in duration and have at least three movements. Criteria for judging:

Good use of instrumentation- 10 pts.
Pleasant sound- 30 pts.
No messy scores- 10 pts.
Bonus pts will be added for a good and well-used motif. Winner will receive admin, a follow from me, and their name will be put in my next score. If every member posts a concerto, then the second place finisher will receive temporary admin for a month and a follow from me. All admins have the right to post contests at all times if there are not already two running contests. Contest will be judged by @Jacob Spencerpro and then secondarily by yours truly for final results.

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2 years ago

Jacob Spencer

YOU are the judge I am getting to judge the contests. You may also invite your MuseScore friends to join this group, post your own contests, and compete regularly. I am waiting for ten members to join before I post the first contest.

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2 years ago