Beauty and the Beast 2017

Hey, I was listening to beauty and the beast 2017 the soundtrack and I am obsessed with the orchestra. I was wondering if someone could put together the sheet music for the full orchestra. Thanks

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5 days ago

Save the Tower of Terror!

There are rumors going around that the Tower of Terror is gonna be replaced by a ride based if Gaurdians if the Galaxy. Personally, even though it is a Marvel owned franchise, I do not want to see the classic drop horror ride turned into another adventure attraction.

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11 months ago

someone to lava

heyo! im planning on doing an arrangement for someone to lava and need ukulele sheet music for the song, but have absolutely no time/determination to learn how to transpose tabs. if anyone could help with that, id be very appreciative

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1 year ago

Hidden pearls of Disney

I'd like to know your personal favorites from all the Disney music ever written. This way we might discover music we can arrange as a future project. Example: At this moment I'm working on the music from "Atlantis- The lost empire" It's music I've never seen before on musescore, probably because it's something many forget to listen to. And

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3 years ago