Mary Poppins Returns Suite (For Symphony Orchestra)

Hey guys! I recently have seen Mary Poppins Returns at the theaters. It is a wonderful movie with great music! My love of the music in that film is so great that I decided I would make an orchestra suite consisting of some of the key songs in the film. I am far from finished but if you would like so see what I have done so far, you can find the song here:

Note: I am attempting to create this score by solely writing what I hear. This is one of the first times I have done this. Feel free to point out any mistakes or anything that may be missing. Enjoy!

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a month ago


Just wondering if anyone has created or found piano sheet music for Spectromagic. I've heard some beautiful arrangements on CDs before, but I've never been able to find anything.

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2 months ago

Let's do this!

I was thinking we could collaborate as a group and make a collection of all the Disney songs in one place. similar to what they did in the "cuphead fans unite! group"

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10 months ago


I have been thinking about doing a medley orchestral arrangement of songs from underrated Disney favorites. Leave some comments on films you would want to see incorporated! Thanks so much

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8 months ago

Hidden pearls of Disney

I'd like to know your personal favorites from all the Disney music ever written.
This way we might discover music we can arrange as a future project.

Example: At this moment I'm working on the music from "Atlantis- The lost empire"
It's music I've never seen before on musescore, probably because it's something many forget to listen to.

And there must be many more movies from Disney with hidden musical pearls.
If anyone can think of forgotten music from various Disneys, please let it be known.

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6 years ago

Beauty and the Beast 2017

I was listening to beauty and the beast 2017 the soundtrack and I am obsessed with the orchestra.
I was wondering if someone could put together the sheet music for the full orchestra.

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a year ago

Save the Tower of Terror!

There are rumors going around that the Tower of Terror is gonna be replaced by a ride based if Gaurdians if the Galaxy. Personally, even though it is a Marvel owned franchise, I do not want to see the classic drop horror ride turned into another adventure attraction. I would really appreciate it if you fellow music and Disney lovers could sign this petition.

Thanks! :D

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2 years ago

someone to lava

heyo! im planning on doing an arrangement for someone to lava and need ukulele sheet music for the song, but have absolutely no time/determination to learn how to transpose tabs. if anyone could help with that, id be very appreciative

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3 years ago