I modified Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged

Dear members of Epic and/or Orchestral Pieces, please come to listen my modified version of Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged. All kinds of feedback are welcome. Thank you!
(I already bore this URL in my mind XD, and yes, Celthyan's original version was also linked in the description of my version)

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6 months ago

Contest for composers

Dear friends..a challenge:
I am a Conductor of a School Symphonic Orchestra with choir and Concert Band with Choir...
I was wondering, if we could make a concert with some epic music, with your composers name on it...
I would like to have some peaces done by you (recorded) with credits to all composers...
Concerts will have these pieces:
Danny Elfman 2001 Suite (1 hour music) like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MGndIgeoDI ... but I need the full Suite.
This score will be voted by musician...
The winner will have 500 Euros, and all credits.
Note that: I need scores for Concert Band with Choir and Orchestra with Choir. A lot of low brass is needed.
The composer can add 1 or all the titles above (this is: he can make the arrangement for any or all the peaces) - the price of 500 Euros will be sent for the winner of the best arrangement of all.
Deadline will be April 1st 2017.
Please send the full score in Musescore format by email to: c.goncalves.dr@gmail.com along with your email name and Bank Account with IBAN on it.
Please add your name to the score for credits.
You are allow to send video (youtube) to be played and recorded with your music if you wish.
Also, with the email, you need to send authorization to be played with my band and/or Orchestra.
P.S: Please forward this message to all composers groups.
Best of luck to all
Carlos Gonçalves

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a year ago

Do you think that it is possible to cover (in MuseScore) a piece by Hans Zimmer? But closer(sound) to the incredible of the original?

Do you think that it is possible to cover a piece by Hans Zimmer in Musescore? But closer to the incredible of the original or like this arrangement? --> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-wAvbxB7D8)
If it's possible someone could make an arrangement or cover of that song?
i see it very difficult to me to make but i'm still trying but seeing this the in the same way to make that incredible Epic orchestra masterpiece from Hans Zimmer

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11 months ago

What's up? :)

Hey there everyone!
I've just come up with an older song, an ANNO 1602 soundtrack. I hope, you also listen to it ;)
I've listened to quite a lot of pieces here in this group. And I like them very much. Is there anything else, you want from this group? Just write it down here! :)

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2 years ago