(Game and Film Arrangements Survivor)

At long last we shall begin!
Your first challenge is...
To write a medley of music from 2 of the following (Disney) movies:

-Hercules, (Must include, but is not limited to, "Go the Distance")
-The Lion King, (Must include either "The Circle of Life", or "Can't Wait to Be King")
-Beauty and The Beast, (Must include, but is not limited to, "Be Our Guest")
-Jungle Book, (No preference)

Post you admissions on this discussion, I will judge them a week from this Friday.

Good luck.

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3 years ago

I Have A Challenge

So, I noticed my group doesn't do much, so I decided to play a little game. This game will work similarly to Composition Survivor in the fact that one person will be eliminated each week, as well as there will be collaborations between contestants, and there will be a new prompt each week. Well, what's the difference, you may ask? To answer that just look at the title of my group. Yes, each week the prompt will be to do a new arrangement from a (specific) film or game score, (with possible fun add-ons along the way). I will be judging for accuracy, instrumentation, and pure creativity, so give this all you've got. This challenge is for anyone, and I hope it will be lots of fun. The challenge will start once we have at least 20 people, to join merely comment "join" and I will give the first challenge next Saturday. Thank you, and good luck.

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3 years ago

Admin Contest

Decided to try and have some fun.
Let's see who can make the best arrangement from a video game, show, or movie. I will choose a winner in two weeks and they will become an admin in my group. Post admissions below. Keep in mind, this is for fun.

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3 years ago