Help With Breathing?

It's competition season and my director has been drilling the flutes with trying to keep in tune with lower dynamics. I know it's all breath support, but I still can't seem to get it right. Does anyone know of any exorcises to help with this?

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10 months ago


This is a question to all those who play reed, woodwind and brass instruments. I am in the process of arranging about 100 songs I have written over the years. I enjoy using flutes and oboes for the melody line, but have heard comments from real life players, "When do you expect me to breathe when I play your songs?" My question to all of you is, how many measures can you normally play before you have to "come up for air?" Looking at some of the scores associated with this group, the answer seems to be NEVER. So please school this composer who can barely play keyboard what the answer is. I am trying to arrange my songs that they can be played in the real world, not just through computer speakers. Thanks for your feedback.

To see all the songs I have uploaded to MuseScore, search for s0crate (with a zero) in the Search for sheet music text box.

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2 years ago

Flute Technique Favorites!

Post a comment below about your favorite or most useful technique when practicing the flute!

one of the most helpful that I have been taught is "First Note First", which sounds odd at first, but really, it helps amazingly :D

It basically means to really place your fingers on the first note of a run.
so this helps when playing a lot of notes in a short amount of time, by placing the first note, your brain naturally connects more with the following notes :D
so that's something to think about next time you play a fast run of notes!

again, comment below on one of your favorite tips! :D

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11 months ago

Who all has played the Concertino by C. Chaminade? :D

I have been playing it since August (I'm a little tired of it lol), and I won our Youth symphony concerto comp this year and am playing it for our spring concert! :D (that is the only reason I am still playing it lol)
I also got runner up in our local Semi pro orchestra concerto comp with it :D so I will be playing it on the 9th of Feb. at an honors recital.
I have to be honest I really don't like playing solo lol but I guess I'm honored to be selected as the winner in our youth orchestra and runner up in the adult symphony ;)

but anywho, if you have any stories about the piece, or have played it say so below! :D

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a year ago