Interviews for You!

Hi guys, this is Advance102! I have been off for the longest time, mostly because I have moved on to actual orchestras and finding people like the Philadelphia Orchestra to play my pieces! I came back (unfortunately not to participate, but I might post my latest song later after my project comes to a close) to ask if you could take this quick little interview on music and neurology. If you would like to take the interview, simply answer these 7 questions and then enjoy your merry holidays!

1. What does music mean to you? (Why do you play or compose musical pieces, and how does it affect you?)
2. What types of song would influence you and make you sad? Happy? Heroic? Why do these songs make you feel that way?
3. What instruments, training, or teaching have you excelled in?
4. What made you continue you with instruments even when other people dropped them after elementary school?
5. What makes a piece of music your favorite?
6. What is your favorite genre or type?
7. What has music taught you throughout your life?

Have a Happy Holiday, and thank you so much!

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4 years ago