Composers/Original Compositions

Okay, kids, here goes nothing. A handful of groups for composers. For more information, see my post "How I assess groups":  

  Musescore Composers (highly active, mixed-type posts) 

  Composers: The Next Generation (active, feedback posts)
  Amateur Composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Composing Scores (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  High School Composers (active, mixed-type posts)
  Teenage Composers (somewhat active, discussion-heavy posts)
  The Group for Young Composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Decent self taught,teen composers (somewhat active, feedback posts)
  Christian Composers (Somewhat active, mixed-type posts)

 Relatively inexperienced Composers (Somewhat active, mixed-type posts)

  Original Compositions (Active, mixed-type posts)

  Original Music of any Kind (Active, mixed-type posts)

 Self-taught Composers (Active, feedback posts)

 De-Composers (We Take Stupid Seriously) (Low activity, mostly discussion posts)

  Composer Prodigies (Low activity, mostly discussion)

 Artists whose passion to compose outweighs their ability (Low activity, mostly discussion)

 Piano Compositions (Active, mostly feedback)

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7 days ago

How I assess groups

Roughly two seconds ago, I posted the first group list. You may have wondered about the tag after the groups' names... Right now I just look for two things: activity level, and type of posts you can expect to find.

Activity Level
At this point, I'm pretty lenient. If a group has at least two different people post within the last few weeks, it's active. Somewhat active refers to groups that have new posts in the last month or so. Low activity denotes groups that haven't had new posts in a loooong time. And groups that have several new posts daily are ranked as highly active

Type of Posts
 Discussion posts refer to posts such as "how's your day going" "what type of music do you like to write" and general get-to-know-you topics. I appreciate groups with a fair amount of discussion posts, since it shows that the members of the group care about getting to know each other. Feedback posts refer to posts like "hey guys, check out my music" "I finished a sonata, critiques please" etc, etc. If a group is feedback-heavy, you can probably join it and share all your music without worrying that someone will say you're spamming the group. And naturally, mixed-type means that the group has a fair amount of both discussion and feedback posts.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What lists should I work on next??? 

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7 days ago

T.B.M.G.E (The Best Music Group Ever)

Hello! T.B.M.G.E is a group that has been made nearly a year ago and was much like the RSA. It was also a part of the RSA's history. Due to the group mod's leaving it has grown rather inactive and it would be great to have it liven up again! It is a great place for conversation :) 

As this is currently a private group, please comment below requesting a membership and I will send you an invitation. 

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a month ago

Coming soon!

Hey, guys! Thanks for sticking around and sharing your groups here... Seeing as we have reached nearly thirty members, the Group of Groups will move forward with maintaining lists of active groups very soon! Stay tuned for the further riveting developments. :)

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a month ago

Let's Learn Composition Together!

Are you...

An amateur/student composer seeking to improve your composition skill in MuseScore?

Tired of asking for feedback and not getting the constructive feedback you wanted?

And wished you were in a community that would constantly supplement and support you along your composition journey?

Then this group is for you!

This group is dedicated to be an abode for all MuseScore composers to learn from each other in a close-knitted community. In addition, threads, such as competitions, challenges and supplementary materials, will also be posted frequently to aid in your learning process.

Join us now!! -->

(Do comment below if you have joined, thanks!)

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a month ago


Hi, all, and welcome to the Group of Groups!

Right now, we're in phase 1, looking for many more members to post about groups that they start, or active groups that they enjoy. Please invite as many people as you can to join us... in order for the Group of Groups to be effective, we'll need the support of many members.
As we grow, or in a month or so, we will progress to phase 2: In addition to members posting about their groups, the admins will pin lists of genre or category-specific groups, so that anyone looking for a certain type of group will find all the groups that fit the criteria together in one place. 

We're always open to suggestions from you. How can we improve the Group of Groups? 
Happy posting!

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a month ago

Stuck scores - A place for musescore's broken scores.

If your score gets stuck saying "score processing. Score will be automatically displayed when completed" or something like that, then this is the place for you to share it! Just join the group, make a discussion, and leave a link to anyway we can hear and/or read the score!

If your scores are working fine, this is a great place to view all those that aren't, and give advice to people who wouldn't receive it otherwise. :D

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a month ago