Music No. 51

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Trombone, Clarinet(2), Guitar, Percussion(2)
First new score since 2018! I'm posting new music every Monday Wednesday Friday

Notturno voor gitaar (Willem Kersters)

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Obligated work for the Belgian national music competition Pro Civitate 1968, composed by Willem Kersters.
I've tried to set up the same graphic design as in the original score that I found in a forgotten library ...

Guitar Etude No. 1

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For a long time , i wanted to write for guitar , and a few days ago i sat down and wrote this!
This is an excercise in 5 against 3 polyrhythm.
I hope you enjoy!

Introduction to Guitar Study - Sor Op. 60

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25 etudes for Introduction to Guitar Study
Ferdinand Sor, Op. 60

Looks like those French classes I took 10 years ago were useful after all! I tried to capture the essence of the notes rather than get a word-for-word translation.

This one pretty much taught me that guitar can be a layout
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Antonio José - Guitar Sonata

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Antonio José Martínez Palacios (1902 - 1936) was a Spanish composer. His work was highly regarded at the time and his progressive understanding of harmony was praised by many including Maurice Ravel. He spent most of his career in Burgos where he was the conductor of the city choir and a large portion o
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