2018 2nd Annual Contest Winners!

Jul 12, 2018


[h]1st Place: Brinsonian - Tapestry[/h]

2nd Place: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
3rd Place: Benjamin Dickey - WINNIPEG
Honorable Mention: Chopinfminor_2 - Etude in C major
Special Awards:
Most Melodic: Rebecca Y - Shine Through 
Most Theory Comprehensive: Brinsonian - Tapestry
Most Creative: Sonata for string Quartet - Jeffrey P. Ouellette 
Most Playable: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
Most Epic: Pika0007 - The Last Battle
Most Improved: Kenobiingondolon2019 - Soaring Towards the Sunrise
Most Out of the Box Concept: Eternal Echo - The Mad Puppeteer   
Best Overall: Brinsonian - Tapestry 
Judge Awards:
Hardest Judge: Mozart_Forever
Softest Judge: Lizzapie

Thank you @Brinsonian! This is your second win in a row :D
And thank you all for participating!

You can see the full results here complete with feedback in this document here:


Woohoo! Thank you for the softest judge award :D What does that mean? xD
Well the vast majority of your scores all were above 90 points, and multiple people shared the perfect score of 100.

While it is an award, I would encourage you to be more critical, try to avoid several people sharing the same score, and creating a sub total for each score so that you can see its points in relation to other scores to make sure you like that relation.

Great job though! 

Mozart_Forever was the hardest judge because none of his scores went above 90 points
@mnmwert Oh, okay. Haha, a lot of people in real life tell me that I give too much grace xD I’ll be more critical next time ;D

Thank you!
Your welcome! :D

And thanks for all of your hard work!

What do you think about the total results? 
@mnmwert The results were perfect! I knew that the top 3 were going to be placed very high :D
@Jeffrey P. Ouellette
@Peter Gostelow

@Rebecca Y

@Kyra Baker

@Robin Pannenberg
@caleb miller music
@Anita hu music
@Wolfgang Berndt

The results are in! :D 
Cool! That was fun! I guess "most improved" was comparing the piece I entered to my first piece?
grr, i thought some of these categories would be judged more literally. oh well, i guess ill be more conservative next year
@Jeffrey P. Ouellette  If you email me we can discuss changes to the rubric.
To email me just press the contact button through musescore.
Thanks for 3rd place, its an honor! FYI, my last name has an E in it (not that anyone cares, but still)
Your welcome!
It is fixed now btw :)
Sorry, I changed my user name after I uploaded it.
Whoops, I didn't mean to be the hardest (is that a good thing :S )

This was my first time judging anything like this. And it was fun. 

Congrats to all no matter what. And of course continue to compose!!! :) 
You did a great job for a first time! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Being the hardest judge is not a detriment as long as you use it well. 
I'll try to improve the judges method in the future so it will be easier to accurately judge scores. 
I learned more from the judges than they from me:) I had a lot to say, but deleted it. Thanks to all the judges, I give 10/10. Very good experience, special thanks to @mnmwert (it was you?)  for inviting me to the group.
Congrats to all the winners! To everyone else, yes we all hate losing, but suck it up - it doesn't mean much, lol.
@Peter Gostelow 
I'm glad you liked it!

And thanks for participating :)
Thanks for 2nd place :D
I'll work on notation a bit more
ooo you attached a document too? How come I never saw it... :/
Thanks btw :D
@Rebecca Y yup! It is 40 pages long xD
No idea how u never say it lol.....
ur welcome! :)

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