2018 2nd Annual Contest Winners!


[h]1st Place: Brinsonian - Tapestry[/h]

2nd Place: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
3rd Place: Benjamin Dickey - WINNIPEG
Honorable Mention: Chopinfminor_2 - Etude in C major
Special Awards:
Most Melodic: Rebecca Y - Shine ThroughΒ 
Most Theory Comprehensive: Brinsonian - Tapestry
Most Creative: Sonata for string Quartet - Jeffrey P. OuelletteΒ 
Most Playable: Skylighter - Apex of Inspiration
Most Epic: Pika0007 - The Last Battle
Most Improved: Kenobiingondolon2019 - Soaring Towards the Sunrise
Most Out of the Box Concept: Eternal Echo - The Mad Puppeteer Β Β 
Best Overall: Brinsonian - TapestryΒ 
Judge Awards:
Hardest Judge: Mozart_Forever
Softest Judge: Lizzapie

Thank you @Brinsonian! This is your second win in a row :D
And thank you all for participating!

You can see the full results here complete with feedback in this document here:


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