send to youtube not working for me

i am trying to send a score to youtube with an mp3 audio file.  when the upload gets to 99% i get an error message that says: "This page isn't working. took too long to respond.  HTTP ERROR 504."   it has done this for a couple of days now.  the score will upload without the mp3.  the mp3 is 16.3 Mb.   am i doing something wrong?

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12 hours ago

Pro Help

I am trying to gift someone pro with a visa debit card. Musescore says it won't accept this method, does this mean musescore doesn't accept debit cards?

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6 hours ago

I know this has been asked a lot....

But I think it is really imperative to have an option where you can turn off the download button. @Ximich

A concern of all us composers is getting our music plagiarized. Regardless that people could still do it anyway this will help mitigate the fact by allowing the composer to control the means by which people have access to the music. 

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a day ago

Close parentheses and closed bug reports

You (team) just sent me 14 emails in which you merged 14 of my bug reports dating back to the beginning of the year into one, "Sets do not work" and declared them all closed.

Well, still broken!!  Links in the "About" texts (they have no name now) not followed by space eat up the parenthesis, period, or comma or whatever following them, which causes them to get "Page not found" errors when clicked on. Many of my old "About" texts are very long, entered before the 5000 character limit was imposed, so it is now impossible to repair them.  Nothing to do with "Sets", either.

So please don't close bug reports that aren't solved.  Why did you do this (close a bug report for a problem that is obviously not fixed)?

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a day ago

Today, comment-response notification has broken

Two people replied to my comments on their scores, and neither appears on my "all-activity" dashboard.  What can I possibly say?  Yes, I know "We have a team dedicated to nothing but MuseScore, and we are working as hard as we can!" But the site isn't.  It breaks a different way almost every day.  Please don't tell me to be kinder or more forgiving: I pay money for you to maintain the site. Please do so.

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6 days ago

Feature request: publicly visible support queue

I think it's prudent and past time to have a support queue separate from this group to which users can submit tickets for support issues. This group has become rather littered with people adding a 'discussion' asking for the devs to look into an issue - with verbiage ranging wildly in considerateness - which deviates from the group purpose of proposing ideas for continual improvement. If had something akin to a Jira queue, not only would there be an official location to report bugs, the users who report bugs will have clearer visibility into the progress devs have made into addressing the issue (or whether they've seen the issue at all).

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5 days ago

Help with search-strings for Musescore.


Simply put -I would like to see search string capability implemented for the

Also the ability to search multiple aspects of an uploaded musescore.

For example the ability to have scores that have a specific tempo and specific time signature all in one search result.

I have asked this in general discussion and they recommended that I ask it here.

It is September 2018.

Thank you.



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9 days ago


How about highlighting scores in satistics that are locked - this would make it easier to remember which scores are locked and those that aren't - Thanks!

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5 days ago

filtering dashboard

y'know how some people are in like, 100 groups? when they open their dashboard it must be hard for them to sort through all their scores. their should be a way to only look at notifications from separate groups or only look at comments

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6 days ago

Musescore API Broken Endpoints

I have been working on a Discord Bot for the Musescorians Discord Server but keep running into constant missing resources and issues.

All of following endpoints are fully documented in the api but are nonexistant and respond with;
(The response i actually get is below is just to make it readable)
[h]Not Found (#404)[/h]

Page not found.
The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request.
Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you.

Broken Endpoints:{$ID}.json (XML works JSON does not)


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Rotating Favourites

Hello. Hope this is not a repeat subject. I've recently added my 6th favourite and the 1st favourite of mine is now invisible to my profile viewers. Would it be possible in future to have a system where the favourites are randomized in some way? Either per day, or per profile view, or something like that. Maybe a system of random snapshots of your favourites, or a conveyor belt type rotation. Thanks.

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9 days ago

Artist Page Fails (Can We Find Insights Into How to Improve the Artist Pages?)

The newly created Artist pages are a commendable effort, but they aren't entirely accurate. They've already mislabelled one of my video game music arrangements as being by Liszt, and they've made some even bigger boo-boos:

The Most Popular and the Most Commented John Philip Sousa score, according to , is Isaac Weiss's "Excellence March"...which is not by Sousa.

Are there any other artist attribution fails you've found on your scores or the Artist pages, and can we find some insight into how the artist-assigning algorithm works...and how to improve it?

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9 days ago

OFF/ON toggle for videos

due to the size of my computer screen, videos at the top of the score often take up so much space that i cannot see the score.  i know that many musescorers enjoy the videos, but sometimes i would like to focus on just the score playback.  i have tried to roll up the video, but often this just makes the video maximize on the page.  

can you add an off/on toggle for the video?  this would allow a user to see the video or temporarily turn it off to focus on the score.  this toggle should operate without reloading the page or interrupting the playback if at all possible.


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10 days ago