Notifications not working?

This might be just me, but when the notifications system was first introduced, I got notified for likes, comments, followers, etc... but now I'm not getting anything? It seems to just be kind of random, like pick and choose. I tried looking into the settings but there's not much there that would affect it. Any ideas?

And it's not a big problem, I actually really like the new system.

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a day ago

Parts PDF download throws XML Error document instead

This concerns one specific score by @Mike Magatagan namely the score
If you click "Download" and choose "PDF including Parts"  the returned document is not a PDF but a "Not Found" error in XML format such as:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

All other export formats work fine.

As a test I've downloaded that score in mscz format, opened it up with musescore 2.3.2 and used "Save online" to save it privately into my account (private url ). From there I can download the PDF with parts without issues.
Mike already tried to "update" his score by resaving the score to his account; we were hoping this would force the musescore server to regenerate this PDF. Alas this seems to not work.

Can someone on your end ( @Ximich or @abruhanov probably) debug this and/or force the server to generate that file?

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6 days ago

[New Feature] Email and desktop notifications and notifications settings

A few weeks ago we launched the Notifications system on We’ve been reading your positive feedback, and we’re glad you’re appreciating the new feature!

Today we’re delivering another update to the Notifications system, in three parts:

1. Notifications settings. Now you can configure what types of notifications you want to see. You can access your notifications settings from your Settings Menu or the Notification Panel. You can choose any kind of Notification and choose where you want to receive it: on the website, email or web pushes. 

2. Desktop Push Notifications. Now you can subscribe to receive Notifications via Desktop Push. It makes sure you don’t miss new notifications, even if you don’t have open.

3. Email Notifications. We will send you notifications once per hour ONLY if you don’t open the Notifications panel on the website. We'll launch Email Notifications in 2 days; but for now, simply use the readily available Notifications Settings.

Enjoy the new settings! I'm looking forward to seeing how this impacts your experience with the website.

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3 days ago

Order online sheetmusic

It is mentioned before, but nothing don with it.

Sorting the list with sheetmusic on Title, Coments, Composer or other fields is not a nice to havebut a real must.

The now used default sorting on most recent update is the most useless sorting,

When the number of scores are growing and growing you realy need sorting.

Please add this to the website its not that difficult to implement and will be a great joy for all youre users

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3 days ago

Feature Request: Add Mandatory Reason for blocking users

So I think blocking is a great method for getting rid of spammers and unwanted trolls, etc. It has been useful to me on several occasions as well.

The problem is when one is blocked for no apparent reason.

There is a user named Graemx who has been blocking users without ample reason. Someone had left constructive criticism on one of his pieces, and he blocked them. When others heard about it we tried to work things out but he just blocked all of us as well.

Now, it's his choice whether to block us or not, and frankly I don't care about a random person on the internet blocking me because he's salty and taking out rage on innocent me for whatever reason. I do think though that It did bring out a possible abuse for this button that might become an issue in the future. 

I therefore have a proposal to make.

Before a person can block someone they must fill out a mandatory form indicating the reason for the block. Some ideal options could be:
-other box

Then a text box with a word min of 10 and max of say 200 words to briefly describe the situation.

Once the box was filled it would be sent to musescore for review. If it seems fishy the blocked user could be contacted to give their side of the story, and evidence could be looked at if need be. 

I believe that this would significantly reduce the amount of just blocking for trolling sake, etc. 

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3 days ago

People in some countries (like mainland China) usually don't have VISA cards or any other form of paying methods for the pro features. How are we supposed to do with it? Could the developers please add some other paying methods?

It's pretty much explained in the summary. We usually don't have VISA, American Express (that's obvious), or any other card to pay for the pro features. Thus, we aren't able to go pro, nor even get a trial period as that also needs billing details. Could the developers please add some other paying methods, such as AliPay or WeChat payment (hot paying methods in China), and possibly other ones to hopefully make any other person who doesn't have access to VISA convenient to purchase pro features? A million thanks to you.

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4 months ago

Bar and reading tool at the bottom of the screen

The Playback Control Bar and associated tools, up to today at the top of the screen, above the score, is now positioned at the bottom of the screen.
A novelty! Aberrant, since this position is not natural and requires, depending on the size of the screen, to use the elevator to view it.
Could not we go back to the original location?

In French:
"Barre et outil de lecture en bas de l'écran
La Barre de commande de la lecture et les outils associés, jusqu'à aujourd'hui en haut de l'écran, au dessus de la partition, se positionne à présent en bas de l'écran.
Une nouveauté! Aberrrante, puisque que cette position n'est pas naturelle et necessite, selon la taille de l'écran, d'utiliser l'ascenseur pour la visualiser.
Ne pourrait-on pas revenir à l'emplacement initial?"

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8 days ago

Beat length variance in a chord

We need to be able to say have on treble/bass/   note, C2beats,D1beat,F2beats
above or below one another that is how compositions are written, That is why a conductor waves her/his arms with the stick at the orchestra and why wood is seasoned and cut to make an instrument or brass is melted and bent!

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7 days ago


My laptop has stopped working entirely, and it has all of my scores on it. Most of them are just random unfinished ideas, but I'd still prefer not to lose them. Is there any way to get them back if I didn't upload them online? I'm like 90% sure they're just gone, but I'd like to be certain.

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9 days ago

[New Feature] The new Notifications feature!

Hi all!

Today we are launching a new Notifications feature on

We have had a lot of requests for this function. On the Dashboard, you see a lot of news from groups and users which you subscribed for. But even if you're using the site every day, you might have missed some important events: new comments on your scores, @mentions, new discussions in groups you belong to, etc. 

Now when you visit, you'll see the new bell icon in the upper-right hand corner which indicates the number of Notifications waiting for you. If you click on the icon, you'll see a list of your 20 most recent events, with links to each one. This ensures you won't miss events related to your personal activities.

Currently, you will receive a notification when:

  • You have a new subscriber
  • User added your score to their Favorites.
  • User replied to your Discussion.
  • User replied to your comment in a Discussion.
  • You've been @mentioned in a Discussion.
  • User added a comment to one of your scores.
  • User replied to your comment on a score.
  • You have been @mentioned in a score's comments.
  • There is a new Discussion in a Group you own.
  • New user joined one of your Groups.
  • New Join Request for one of your Groups.
  • You have been invited to join a Group.
  • Your Join Request has been approved.
  • A score of yours has been uploaded to Youtube.

To avoid excessive Notifications, we are grouping together multiple ones of the same type.

What's next? We're going to:
  • Update the list of possible Notifications.
  • Add a settings interface to manage Notifications.
  • Add an opportunity to subscribe to the email notification with missed events. 
  • Add an opportunity to subscribe to Desktop Notifications.
  • Add an opportunity to see older notifications

We hope that these changes will be helpful and improve your experience.

We are open to your feedback! If you find a bug or have another suggestion, please don't hesitate to post it inside the Improving Group.

P.S. My personal review: I tested it over the last few days and found it very helpful. My experience with the site now is much better than before, and I found a lot of missed comments, mentions and discussion which I should review. I hope you'll find it as helpful as I did.

P.P.S. At this moment notifications counter can be displayed with 5 minutes delay.

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22 days ago

Unable to upload score

I was uploading a score and wrote a long description. When I posted it, the score completely disappeared and led me to the dashboard. I lost everything I had written and had to start over. I saved what I wrote in the second description and tried to upload again. The same thing happened. It's very frustrating!

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9 days ago

Message Board

I wish there was a way that I would be able to communicate with the people who follow me. I don't really think that the people who view my scores actually see the messages I put in the description of a song so the message doesn't get across to enough people. So I wish there was a notice or message board and since we have notifications, people will receive a notification when I post a message. 
{Side Note} It would also be good if I was able to "pin" a message to my scores so people see the message either before the score is viewed or played or as a pop-up of some sort. 

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10 days ago
4 Pro Gift Cards

I was just wondering the possibility of this ever happening. A year's worth of Pro membership for $50. My parents have discussed getting me one for Xmas before, but they couldn't figure out how to do it without signing their credit card away.

I would also use this instead of entering my own credit card info for security reasons (This is what I do with iTunes so that my credit card is not at all connected).

I also have considered holding contests on the site and a year of Pro would be the prize, but I certainly don't want to give a stranger my credit card information for them to sign up.

So I'm wondering the feasibility of gift cards. (Alternatively PayPal?)

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2 years ago

Last updated- date and time

Could you add to the score page under the first section on the right side of the screen where it says "Uploaded on xxx xx, xxxx"  somewhere in this section the time and date UTC of the most recent update?  This would help to show when the last  posting of the score was.  A viewer could then determine if the piece has already been viewed or if it is new to them.  This is not something on the score itself but rather on the website.

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12 days ago

"Load More" Button Disappeared From Dashboard

I currently do not see a "Load More" button on the bottom of my Dashboard entries. I am having this problem on Firefox on a Windows 10 desktop computer. I am also having this problem on Chrome on an Android smartphone.

The problem persists when I switch from "All Activity" to "Groups" in the dropdown at the top of the Dashboard.

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13 days ago

Embedded Score view (as in MotM) follow-along broken

When playing a score in an embedded view, the cursor perfectly follows the score. However the view is only re-positioned horizontally (next page) and not vertically (next system).
This makes following along *very* hard. Sure I can maximize the view, but then I can't see my other application (side by side view) on my desktop anymore.

Example; the MuseScore of the Month blog press play and notice the 2nd and 3rd system aren't scrolled into view, but the view is scrolled upon playing through the next page(s).

Also note that the playback bar scrolls out of view when scrolling vertically.

@AlexanderT @Ximich @jilizart @abruhanov 

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a month ago