MuseScore-Android group: Last post?

 The "Discussions" page of the MuseScore-Android group displays at the  right of each thread the name of the member who opened the thread, when  the thread was opened and the number of answers. 
I miss the (imho important) info, when the last answer/comment has been posted. I would like that to be added if possible. 
Already posted here:
Other forums do it better, e.g. this one:

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2 days ago

Choice to make downloading unavailable...

First of all, I absolutely love the fact that has been going through a lot of changes recently - it looks more and more professional every time I open up the site, and is also greatly improving in efficiency.

One thing I've been wishing for a while now, however, is that the website might one day develop an option for users to 'ban' downloads on certain scores. Let me explain:

I understand that the main aim of is to share sheet music, similar to that of IMSLP or other online music forums. I am in no way suggesting that the download option should be removed, as it is a wonderful tool for people to access sheet music and change it up a bit if they want to, but simply that users get the option if they want their score to be downloadable or not. I think that, if this option was implemented, most of the music people post on the site would still be eligible to download. Arrangements, transcriptions, and pieces under Creative Commons and Attribution copyright licences would still be available to download, and composers of original works with All Rights Reserved could upload their pieces with the safety of knowing that no one could possibly download and use their music without their given permission. I, for one, would happily keep all my arrangements and even some of my smaller compositions that I've whipped up in a day or so available for public downloading, but meanwhile keep the scores for my larger, more time-consuming compositions safely to myself. And, also, if a trustworthy individual wants to access the score for a legitimate reason, the creator of the piece can decide to email the score to that person only. This option would also enable composers to sell their sheet music on other sites for monetary gain, and prevent a lot of the plagiarism that sadly exists on

I really think that this is a worthwhile addition, and I hope you consider it. Besides, there is no possible way anyone could get upset by this feature being implemented, because everyone would have the choice whether they want to use it or not. I suppose, if you wanted, it could be added as a PRO feature only, but personally I think everyone on the site - paying user or non-paying user - should have the option to make their scores completely accessible or not.

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2 days ago

emoticon won't work.

the happy face with : and D will not work.
It disappears and if you try and edit it, the face re appears with a troll face on it? Is this a joke or maybe someone hacked idk.....
Actually I'm trying to post a picture of it but it won't let me.........

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3 days ago

Musescore Saying I Have Hit the Upload Limit, But I Haven't

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so I would kindly appreciate if someone could direct me to the appropriate forum, but I hope this is the place. I've been using the free version of musescore for a while, and I recently deleted one of my five pieces from my profile so as to upload another, but when I hit upload, it says "Hey, you have hit the limit of 5 scores. If you want to continue uploading, you'll have to upgrade your account." However, my scores page says quite clearly "You can still upload 1 out of 5 scores." I'm a loyal fan of musescore, but I don't have the ability to pay for a full version, so this is a little frustrating. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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3 days ago

Pay for Public Performer license

Hi. As someone who uploads some scores, I find the circumstances of how this site works a bit strange. It's a bit awkward in my opinion, that people who contribute, have to pay, to contribute!?!. While other people having the possibility to download and profit from the work I do, to submit scores and have a good quality of arrangements. I like this website, but I don't understand this special politics that are present here. If I'm uploading music, and also have to pay for, I was thinking, that at least, as I'm choosing the puplic license, that allows my stuff to be shared and downloaded for private use, I don't want people to even make money with it, when I'm the one who has all the countles hours of work with this.
Don't get me wrong, I am for an open and mostley free community, but this is not the way it should work in my opinion.

Therefore I would like to have the possibilty to charge a certain price, if someone wants to publicly perform something I wrote down. In form of a buyable "Public Performer License" (Paypal would be a good and uncomplicated option).Would this be possible? Of course, it still won't be allowed to record and distribute the content, without consent.

Also, as I reconed that only one admin is present in this group, no idea if the posts here are making any sense at all anymore

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11 days ago

Group practice - playing a score in multiple Songbook apps synchronized?

How  can one trigger multiple Songbook apps, both iOS/Android,  so that  playback of a score is synchronized? It would have to be via Bluetooth  or, preferably, WiFi. This would be useful for choirs, orchestras  ensembles.

- initially it would involve some manual set-up
- all users have the same score in their Songbook
- score is set to the same tempo

Each user would have his own instance of Songbook running i.e. with an individual screen and audio mix.

"Broadcasting" is a good idea for  musicians who are good at reading notes and can handle large scores. What I am looking for is the possibility for each musician to hear  their own audio mix and limit the visual to their own part, while  following the group. 

Best regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren MD

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13 days ago

Privacy message on

In the past few days, some musescore users got a pop-up with a message about data privacy and its settings. I wanted to give you more information about this message, cause I've noticed that you worry about changes in our advertising policy. 
TL;DR: we follow a new EU law and not planning to change our advertising policy. 

Starting from May, 25th, a new European law, called General Data Protection Regulation, will be implemented. Read more about the law here
MuseScore is not selling user information to advertisers, period. However, advertisers may use machine learning and other latest technologies to show you the most relevant ads, that's why we need to show you this message and privacy settings. Every website has to show this form to a EU user to act according to the law.

It doesn't mean that we share your all information (like usernames, scores, preferences, etc) with advertisers. They can only see your IP address, user agent and check your cookies (if you agreed.) This information is a default data for analytic systems (like Google analytics) and used by 90% of all websites. So, there is nothing new here and it always worked like that. 

One more thing, we are not going to show ads to Pro users and on a sheet music pages of Pro users. We are not going to change this part of a service. If you don't see ads, we will not share your info with advertisers as well. No worries here. 

According to this law, we have to show this message to everyone (Pro and free users.) We will simply have problems if we ignore this law. 


The message about data privacy you saw is not about big changes on musescrore. We have to show this message according to the latest EU law.

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7 days ago

Score search by specific patterns

Hi, this is my first post here, motivated by the idea of tossing some ideas around rather than experimenting more in a vacuum. I posted on but was advised here was better.

This exploration has 2 dependencies.  Firstly, what elements within a score file are searched when a text string is entered in the score search dialog, and whether this can be expanded by any means if limited to text fields, such as title/composer etc. Secondly, can xml or whatever code used be accessed and then searched using any technique? I imagine this could be quite processor intensive if all the scores are stored compressed with only the text elements as searchable "tags".  What exactly IS searched?

My initial motivation for this was to search for scores containing specific time-signatures, which didn't yield any useful results by entering the time signature in the search dialog.  Then I though about this for a while, and thought... wow... how far down the pipe is the melody search engine, where a string of note values could be entered and matching scores returned?  Using the internet-based versions of this kind of melody search reveals many limitations and surprises,  but I would guess that searching a more uniform database of scores as represented by musescore could be a lot "sharper" tool.

Any interest here among you folks?

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3 days ago



Since the update to version 2.2.1, the stemdirection is not automatically adopted when you copy a part to another instrument. Although the direction is automatic.

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4 days ago

Piano keyboard on website only for Pro users

I know you, the staff, are sooooo busy with all the bug fixes and the updating of the website, but I just wanted to bring to attention the problem with the piano keyboard on a score on the website.  It says you need a Pro membership.  I am Pro, as you can see, but it's not treating me that way.
Must be a bug.
I use Firefox.

If you could fix this it would be awesome.  I'm all hyped about this particular addition.  



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5 days ago

Can a list of Sets be sorted alphabetically?

With a long list of Sets, the sets seem always to be listed in the order in which the sets were added. But I can't find a way of sorting the Sets list into alphabetical order.

For example, the OpenScore Lieder Corpus now has over 60 Sets, and it's getting very hard to track down the set when you need to add a score to the set:

Ideally, it would be great to sort the Sets list with an Edit option - in the same way as we can already sort the scores listed within a Set.  And with such a long list of sets, users will certainly need a search filter to narrow down the list - for example, by composer.

Thanks for any improvement!

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20 days ago

Selling information to third parties.

Not such a long while ago, I was promised by Thomas that no adds would be added, certainly not for paying customers. Now, all of a sudden, before I log in I am pushed to agree with a privacy setting that makes me agree with selling information to third parties. It is even shown as 'IMPORTANT UPDATE'. For your information, it not only is about information from MuseScore, no, every surfing behavior on the internet, local access, etc ! Which means that it is comparable with what FaceBook does.  

It says: "In order to run a successful website, we and certain third parties are setting cookies and accessing and storing information on your device for various purposes. Various third parties are also collecting data to show you personalized content and ads. Some third parties require your consent to collect data to serve you personalized and ads."

And then a big blue button shows up that says: ‘Got it, thanks’ (they make you thank them for it, if it considers a service you would appreciate).  
I consider this a break in the contract that I have with MuseScore. If it is true that I cannot run a successful website if I don’t agree, and then I have fewer opportunities than I would otherwise have, which is suggested, it is not what I could expect based on the experience I already have.
Without telling the rules are changed. Now, every time I want to log in, I have to go through 5 subjects and disable them all, while I just read that I may have a not so good functioning website or one that can never be as successful as I when I agree with all the conditions.

To me this means that the new company, Ultimate Guitar, has one major goal and that is earning back the price they paid and I understand that will mainly happen through selling user information.
I suppose now, that this is the big earning model and so the bulk user, that is not all too demanding is their main interest. The more information they can sell from as many users as possible, the better it is. So, they thought… ah what the hack; ‘let’s include paying customers as well’

I very much dislike this and I totally disagree with it.

If this is true, the more reasonable arguments there are, not in the least the recent promiss made, to leave the paying customers alone.  
I paid, in the certainty to be safe and have no adds showing up, let alone that all my surfing behavior is being sold, whith a sleezy trick, by making use of the habit of most users to click the large shining and outstanding blue button. It is very annoying and unfair.  

So, I hereby ask you, also because my emails to the general MS helpdesk are not responded as well as they used to, to exclude me from it and confirm that to me in an email. I don’t want to go through all the settings every time and switch off all the buttons. Otherwise, I will strongly consider stopping my account and ask for a refund also of the remaining months. I would not be surprised, in the light of the new developments that you would not care.  I'm not the bulk user. 

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8 days ago


Another question. I wonder if the email-address, by which I used to mention issues is still in use and active:

I don't get confirmation nor responses anymore lately.

Only when mentioned here there seems to be a response.

Can you confirm that everything is noted and followed up?

Do you have a support ticket system? Can you tell something about how you handle and follow up issues?

The latest issue I mentioned is that if I am on my profile pages and click on ´Sheet music, favorites or sets', I get a sorry message that the page cannot be found and shown. That means I can't reach my favorites or sets or sheets from that site (My profile).   

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7 days ago

Cannot Add Scores to Sets

I tried adding my newest score to one of my sets several times today and it plain never gets added. Every time I try to "Add to/remove from set", it's not in the set, and the set never appears in the score's "THIS SCORE APPEARS IN:" section. I've tried to add the score to my set on both my Windows 10 computer on Firefox and my Android smartphone on Google Chrome.

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8 days ago

Like-Love-Star Button

Hey. I would love to have an opportunity to express my appreciation to some people. Therefore I thougt, it would be nice to have a "Like" or maybe better, a "star"- button. This could be a good way to receive feedback by the community, specialy, when you compose your own stuff. It could be easily implemented and I don't have to add the pieces to my favorites, to give feedback.

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a month ago