Dashboard Won't Show Groups Activity

Jul 11, 2018

At least on Chrome on an Android smartphone, my Dashboard won't show Groups activity. No results show up when I select "Groups" from my Dashboard dropdown menu. My "All Activity" results are also suspiciously empty of non-comments and non-following.


Also, it no longer lists the groups I'm a member of in the "Groups" section (Win7/ Vivaldi / Desktop)
@DmitriyPopov @Ximich @Alexander T @jilizart Anyone who can give an insight? Is this something being worked on that results in a temporary glitch?
I'm having this problem too. I can see the list of groups I'm in when I go to my profile but on my dashboard it's as if I never joined any. The mobile site is like this as well as the desktop site (I have Windows 10)
I'm also having this problem. I can only see activity from the people that I have followed and comments of mine that others have replied to. I have tried reopening musescore and logging out (multiple times). This problem is appearing for me on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
And me, for 15 days the page dashboard no longer appears and the following message appears:
The site is down for a moment. We're fixing it, and we'll be back soon.
Hi, I see a problem, we are working on the fix.
I'm having this problem, too .... as well as a problem uploading scores to YouTube. Not sure if it's just me or if others are experiencing this as well.
@Dekkadeci hi, I restored to show groups activity on the dashboard, please check it.
@fredipi your dashboard is working now, if you'll have got any problems with the site again, please message me or post into this group.
@abruhanov The groups entries show up on the Dashboard now. Thanks!

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