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Nov 30, 2018

I decided to add the YouTube video for Moonlight Dance. I placed the markers in the correct spots and hit the box for default audio source and hit save. I then went to my score to see if it worked and it did...but the markers didn't save. I went back to audio sources and did it again and it still reset the markers to its automatic position when I went to check it.

There is also the fact that I couldn't view the last page while editing the audio source, I could only see half.

I don't know if any of you are having the same problems or if I'm doing something wrong but please take this into further investigation.
- Thank you -


I tried to do an mp3 download on one of my compositions, but it would not work. I download the score, clicked to save and did this: score.mp3. It worked great!
I had exactly the same Problem 8 Hours ago - markers didn't save
We are working on this problem. I'll inform you when the problem was solved.
Hi! I too have had similar issues for some time, impacting most of my synchronized scores.  It appears that some progress has been made fixing this in the last couple of days, but it's still not working properly, and I just want to be sure the Musescore knows all the issues so as to fully fix the problem. Here is what I'm seeing/hearing now:

  1. I go into an audio source. I am able to add and insert markers as usual within the audio source editor. It appears to play back fine within the editor. The measures track the sound perfectly. I save the work.
  2. I return to the score and do a test playback. Now the highlighted measure is some distance ahead of where it is actually playing. The distance ahead depends on the amount of "silence" at the beginning of the audio source. My best guess is that an extra marker has been placed at point zero in the audio source file.
  3. I go back to the audio source to check, and all the markers have disappeared. I start over at Step 1, and the same thing happens again.

I don't see the issue described in my Step 2 above mentioned here, so I thought I'd add this information.
Thanks for finding a solution as soon as possible:
All my synchronized files on a Youtube video have lost this synchronization, among others the REQUIEM mozart (12 files) and many other files, a huge job to redo!
I am waiting for a solution to redo these synchonisations.
Not happy, not happy!
Good day to you.

In french
" Merci de trouver une solution au plus vite:
Tous mes fichiers synchronisés sur une video Youtube ont perdus cette synchronisation, entre autre le REQUIEM de mozart (12 fichiers) et de nombreux  autres fichiers, un travail énorme à refaire!
J'attends une solution afin de refaire ces synchonisations. "
Pas content, pas content!
Bone journée à toi.
@CrazyClique @M.Thum @rufinb @fredipi

Now the bug with synchronization is fixed. Please check.
I checked - It works fine. Thanks for the quick action
@Victor78 I'm still having an issue with one of my scores (could it be because I am using friendly URL there). As of yesterday, the music and the measure pointers were out of sync. Since today the measure pointer does not move at all. When go to update audio source I can see that all markers are set but it does not move. (behavior identical on various browsers and operating systems).
The score I am talking about is: .
@Victor78 @abruhanov 
OK, I tried and it works. All the work to do again !...hoping that the repair of this bug will be final. Thank you for your work.
Thanks @Victor78 - seems to be working fine now.

I do have a couple of suggestions for future improvements:

1.  Undo last step function (very frustrating when you are almost done and insert the wrong number of markers, then have to start all over again).
2.  Better (or at least more intuitive) loop controls.  It would be nice to be able to specify the number of repeats you want, and also have more than one repeated section in a given piece.

Thanks again!

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