Score Navigation Online Fails On Some Scores

Dec 15, 2018

I'm on Firefox on Windows 10, and now the pause button doesn't work while a score is playing. I can click on measures and the "pink block" jumps to where I click (and the "time elapsed" stops at where I clicked), but the audio does not respect that and continues on regardless. The reset ("|<") button is also non-functional in the same fashion. The only way I can stop or otherwise interrupt the audio is when the piece finishes playing or when I refresh. The problem persists regardless of audio source. In fact, on affected scores, the Synthesizer audio source also refuses to provide sound.

UPDATE: I've found that scores not for solo instruments still function normally (e.g. , ). Scores like , , and (the last 2 are for solo non-piano yet bring up the piano keyboard as an option) are affected.


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