Too many unnecessary discussions in groups

Dec 16, 2018

More than half of the discussions in an average MuseScore group are just about requesting feedback from others or advertising for the own music. In my opinion, this is not what the "Discussions"-function was made for. 
On the one hand, I understand that one wants feedback for his scores. There's nothing more frustrating than having no attention for your scores. 
On the other hand, I find it annoying to scroll through discussions and have nothing else to watch than advertisements. Isn't that what the "Add to group"-function was made for?


The group MuseScore composers allows it in the rules, I just use that one to place an "advert". I don't want to annoy anyone else but at the same time I enjoy that process of writing out the score advert and trying to woo people into listening, as well as composing. Hopefully there is a middle ground to satisfy both wants.
the advertisements are a huge annoyance. there should be a group for advertisements, and then the ability to turn them on or off. the dashboard is where new scores are shown. it is entirely unnecessary and IMO rude to beg for someone to come and look at a score.
@jmoses i agree many ads are annoying, but if you're looking to "turn them off", then you're either talking about a group specifically meant for just ads, which people can just avoid joining, or you're expecting folks to voluntarily label their ads as such and an option to have these turned off by any user in a group. option one would probably lead to an empty group and option two would mean people will not label them.
the problem appears to be self-limited. i never see any answers to these "discussions".
The very first week I came here, in 2015, I had written a pretty neat piece that I thought was really special. And I did just that (posted a message about it; won't say where). Well, I soon figured out that that wasn't the way it's done. The problem is that the rules are all learned by participation, and if there was a rule-book, no one would read it. Every day people post bug reports about the app to this forum, which says real clearly, that it's not for that. I think the problem extends far beyond the internet, that what seems obvious in the way an anybody-can-join organization functions may well not be. It's a nuisance, but I can't imagine how to fix it.
Sometimes the "advertisements" are semi-humble, e.g., "I've just written an xyz. Could people here who know something take a look and tell me what you think?", which is not completely the same as "advertising" IMO. I'm not completely sure it's rude in that case. I do find it mildly annoying, but if there is a sincere desire for critique or knowledge, I set that aside. This is relevant to "Counterpoint and Fugue", btw.
This group is called IMPROVING MUSESCORE.COM not for anything else.
@PZ78 So, improving the way users use doesn't have anything to do with improving in your opinion? Sounds interesting. I find it an annoying issue that discussions are full with advertisements and I think that solving issues like this one definitely improves
Not sure what you're saying (doesn't address previous postings in the thread), but (a) newbies don't know the difference between and, and might not be fully aware of the boundary between the app and the site, and (b) "improving" includes both technical issues and social issues about how the various parts are expected to be used, or even the ways the owners manage the site.
Why not just make a group specifically for advertising?
@Overlord Espurr only if it can be shut off if desired. (would be good for all groups to have this option.)
@Overlord Espurr i would like the option of not seeing some groups--and seeing others,
@jmoses Then just don't join those groups or if you did leave them. My understanding is that on your dashboard (when you select Groups option) you see scores and discussions from the groups you joined.
And I have considered that but decided against it. I wish there was a way in each group to have a toggle for "See Discussions". As an example, I would like to post and see music for the Piano groups--but am not much interested in discussions there. People could post all the advertising they wanted--but I could just toggle the discussion off and not have to worry about that. The music posted there would still show up in my dashboard > groups page.
@Overlord Espurr MuseScore Composers is that group, 4000 members and purposefully made to advertise musics but it's a thorn in peoples sides from what I gather here.
THANK YOU someone needed to say this out loud so bad
Whatever is the best way to get views that I do in terms of the advertising but it's a natural tendency to use every facet to advertise the music on a composers website. If it's so bad it should be split from normal discussions but like I say some groups are made for advertising music as well as discussing music, so that's difficult. Who's to say what a group should be about.. some groups have everyday discussions, some music discussions, some advertising, some word games and on. I've got no problem with that. Hopefully the advertising system can be streamlined so it's impossible to mass spam one song repeatedly, either by dashboard or group advert. That should reduce offensiveness in a practical way.
I'm not against having options to siphon parts of the website for anti-spam, anti-score adverts and so on, but it's a negative move in the long run.
I want to share my personal opinion (it's not an official decision, but only my personal way of thinking).
Historically community on has been growed like an anarchy mountain.
We had a lot of groups (because it was difficult to find a relevant group on the site and users was prefer to add a new one when they want to ask something), we didn't have any rules in public part of the community. Anybody could make any group and post with any content.
As a result, we have a community with 1000+ groups, where 99% have one discussion and 1 score (or a lot of scores added for advertisement)
We haven't any rules in the community, we haven't stong structure. Only a list of groups and list of discussions.
But the biggest issue is: we haven't clear and understandable rules in the community. And we have a lot of places with non-active moderators, which currently looks like trash.
My point-of-view is that we should fix these issues, but we should start with categorizing current community. We should see what we have, and what we want to have. As a next step, we should make a clear policy of communications and work with public groups. And only here we can start to deny something (like: post advertisement messages only in special groups).
To avoid misunderstandings: I don't speak about the adding of censorship. I'm sure that community can be grown only if it's self-moderated.
But I don't think that "let's add a rule to deny to post scores advertisement in the community" can be a productive step.
I do think that moderators who don't pay attention to their groups is a problem. It is also a problem when people post questions about how to write music for the xylophone in the Piano site or post their latest solo flute improv in the Guitars Only group (or whatever). It's just bad manners. A group admin should remove the scores--but the usually don't as many groups have absent admins. It is annoying to see 10 posts for "Please check out my composition" posted in 10 groups all strung together spamming my dashboard. I wish there was a way in each group to have a toggle for "See Discussions". An example I gave above: I would like to post and see music for the Piano groups--but am not much interested in discussions there. People could post all the advertising they wanted--but I could just toggle the discussion off and not have to worry about that. The music posted there would still show up in my dashboard > groups page.
@jmoses I think the site and community don't need to have a "10 posts for "Please check out my composition" posted in 10 groups". But we should have a special place to post and read posts like this. And cross-posting is a bad thing without depends on the reason.
Cross-postings demonstrates that community structure is not clear for users.
And I think the piano hub can be more helpful for you if you see different discussions related piano (but not scores advertisement) inside.
@jmoses It not just being absent. I have an orchestra only group and I find the task of removing unwanted scores very tedious. It seems that some people just check all the boxes without reading the labels and rembering the rules.
I understand. I know there are people who feel irritated with repeated advertisements in discussions but the purpose of joining Musescore is to share music to everyone, gain an audience and get comments on how to improve. In that way, another person might also get an inspiration from these unedited original compositions. We should post discussions in a way where it benefits everyone without creating trouble for those who really need advice.
It has its pros and its cons, yeah. If you genuinely are unsure about something in a piece and want advice on how to fix it, posting a discussion asking for a little help isn't wrong, really; after all, we are all here to learn and help each other! But I definitely find it annoying when people post the same one discussion advertising their piece in fifty different groups, because it shows up fifty different times on my dashboard and clogs up things; plus, once I've seen the same post fifty times I am fifty times as likely to not help them or look at their score because that constant incessant advertisement gets old and annoying, fast. I dunno if there would be any way to sort of mandate these things, or at least have something only appear once on a dashboard when the same user posts the same discussion in multiple groups...? But it would certainly be nice if it were possible.

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