Suggestions for groups on musescore (part 2?)

May 29, 2019

In my group, Randomly Screwing Around, the pinned discussion doesn't stay pinned. I'd pin a discussion, and it would stay pinned for maybe several hours. But then it just disappears, and doesn't appear at the top with the pin symbol unless you search it. I haven't seen any other group that has this problem - could it be because no other group on this site has that many discussions...? But still, I'd like to be able to pin a discussion in my group like all the other groups.

I have thought of the possibility of getting new admins in my group, which is a very large group with 3.4k discussions and 700 members. However, I also don't like that, once you make someone admin, they can basically do anything the owner can, including edit the group settings and everything, some of which the owner can't undo. As much as I'd appreciate the fact that I can potentially have help in moderation of my group, I don't want anyone "taking over" with the same perms that I have. I'd suggest having a separate branch of "moderators", who will have a set of perms that's more limited than those of the admins/owner, but which allows them to effectively mod the group. Or the owner could choose the perms for admins/mods?

This has already been asked for, but when you want to kick/ban someone, you have to scroll through the entire member list to find them. For groups that have tens of thousands of members, this makes it impossible to find a specific user in the members list and ban them. So all the owners/admins can do is delete their spam discussions every time they pop up, which is annoying. If there was a function where we could search for members (like we can with discussions), that will make everything a lot easier.

Thanks!! :D