How to write this down


I recently try to transcribe a song by the italian jazz pianist Raphael Gualazzi.

Since I´m no "jazzer" at all (but want to skill myself a little bit into this direction and want to play this song) it´s kind of hard for me.

I don´t have the right thoughts / knowledge of writing "things like that" down and what it could! look like in notes.

Especially the Rubato intro is a bit tricky for me.

Maybe I can show you some of the (chaotic) process I´ve done so far.

Would be great if someone had any advice.

(P.S.: I know there might be several ways of expressing what is to be heard, but maybe theres a "more common way" than the which I took or try to take.)

If someone knows a "already existing" sheet of similar music / style, I would be happy seeing it.

(Please excuse for my (rather lazy seeming) attempt of seeking help, but I got so much to do, and plenty of things to arrange and seek, (first and foremost more classic or popular music),
that it would eat my time, expanding my "searching" on jazzy pieces, too.)

here´s the youtube link:


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2 years ago