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Ok these three tied for the votes
These three may vote for each other but not for themselves
I would appreciate if you would contribute to the picture challenge:)
And also if you have any ideas for people to invite you can start a new discussion and post them there

Also very sorry for the late posting my mom just had my baby sister (yes yes yes!!!)

Ok the three candidates are: CrazyCathy, EmojiQueen, Aqueous Humourati

Just post your votes below and only one vote per person

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2 months ago

Now its your turn

I am ready to choose an admin please post your suggestions here. I will go through them pick two and y'all can vote. Please have them in by the first of the year. XD

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2 months ago

Let's Challenge

Here is your first challenge:
Give me five words that begin and end with T.
(No Copying)
The judging will take place on Friday.
If you win I will need your real name or if you prefer your profile name.
I also may possibly need your email.
Happy challenging!!

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3 months ago