My Challenge: Harmonization entirely by ear and intonation

Sep 8, 2019

So, I wrote down a few lines from Summertime...
I only knew the notes of the beginning maj 3rd...
I had to figure out the rest (which was relatively easy)
and then I went out to make the piece even greater (in my personal way)...

Everything is written down in the description of the piece...

Thx to Jacob Collier for giving me this great idea!

I'm asking for any of you to write a few harmonizations and send them to me in this discussion.
The one that's IMO the best and the person who wrote it will get some attribution in the description of the Summertime Harmonization
Only Rules are:
1. You don't know the whole piece by notes (Beginning and ending ARE allowed)
2. You CAN harmonize the whole piece but you MUSTN'T DO IT AT ALL COSTS
3. Have as much fun while doing it as possible :D

Have Fun and a nice listen ^_^