🎧🎻4️⃣Night Shift for String Quartet - Original Composition | 200 Follower Special
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🎧🎻4️⃣Night Shift for String Quartet - Original Composition | 200 Follower Special

4 parts27 pages22:356 months ago782 views
Tuba, Synthesizer, Soprano Saxophone, Bassoon
Sometimes I have to work on a night shift(, actually a graveyard shift, horrible!).

Suddenly I came up with a dull motif after a night shift, B♭-D♭-C-C♭(B) (B-Des-C-H, Beds seeking huh(i.e. Wanna sleep ASAP)), I thought I could attempt to make a string quartet like Shostakovich’s No.8. I don’t think I could compose it in three days like him.

I’m aiming to create a sound that consists of weirdness, eccentricity and beauty.
Derived from an exhausted feeling between day shift and night shift in a row, surprisingly it worked well, I'm so satisfied with what I've done. Also, at the moment when I have finished the work, I found I have hit 200 followers! Therefore I would like to make this one as 200 follower special.
I would like to thank everyone who follows and supports me.

Managing hormones is crucial to survive night shifts or graveyard shifts.
This piece consists of four hormones for each movements, Cortisol, known as "stress hormone", Adrenaline, Melatonin, and Dopamine.

(09/10/18) Done adding articulations.
(06/10/18)Finished the last movement, will add some articulations later.
This contains quotations of other pieces by great composers.(03/10/18)Added subtitles to each movements.
I. Cortisol - Lent e misterioso
II. Adrenaline - Vivacissimo
III. Melatonin - Andante
IV. Dopamine - Largo - Allegro vivace(WIP)
(30/09/18)Divided into four interconnected movements.
1 mov. Lent e misterioso(Ternary form)
2 mov. Presto(intended as a weird sonata form)
3 mov. Andante(Ternary form including dozing off)
4 mov. Largo(Work In Progress)
The last movement should be ended peacefully since finally going to bed.
(28/09/18)This is just a bunch of motifs, I will work further later.

A Ballroom in a Vampire's Castle (NOW FOR SALE)

3 parts14 pages038 months ago485 views
Violin, Piano, Viola
FOR MOBILE USERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3ugtGXE1u0

Could be a banger if played in the 18th century

An old score I have decided to revisit

UPDATE 24/09: This score is now available for purchase online, if your string ensemble would be interested in giving this a piece a try, especially for the upcoming halloween holiday! Now available here: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/a-vampire-s-waltz-digital-sheet-music/20813819?ac=1
The score has now been modified so that if anyone tries to steal it, they will not get the full score.

UPDATE: My boyfriend Monro did his own arrangement of this piece and I would like you guys ti check it out! You can also check out his sound cloud here: https://soundcloud.com/march-rufous He does his own stuff as well as amazing covers.

If you want to listen to this piece in its original form just click audio source and click the other YouTube Video option

Personal life: I have recently come back from a trip to Salt Lake (my second ever international travel in my life) where I got to see my long distance boyfriend for the first time! He will be coming to Australia in 2 days to see me!
As for uni - I have received 2 High Distinctions, one distinction and one pass. Very happy!

Enjoy :)

Hexagon Force

18 parts13 pages01:308 months ago522 views
Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), French Horn, Trombone(3), Guitar(2), Piano, Bass, Percussion(2)
FINALLY FINISHED! Thanks to Piano&Games for the MIDI and silverfalcon4500 for the score!

This song does not belong to me. I simply arranged it for Jazz Band. If you like it and want to see the original song, the link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afwK743PL2Y

Remember You [Lost Score]

2 parts7 pages02:567 months ago872 views
Piano, Percussion
This is "Remember You" sung by Marceline and The Ice King in Adventure Time, the 2010-hit show on Cartoon Network. This was a piano ballad by Astrid long before she was with the group

She sent this to my computer and I couldn't find where my file was for this piece. But since I've been cleaning out my computer, I finally can say that I've found it and since Adventure Time came to an end not long ago, it seems like a fitting time.

The arrangement was made around the June of 2017. A month right before Astrid and Jeffery went to college
This was all arranged by Astrid Norwall
(Former Piano Arranger for Mr. Sax-O-Beat & Co.)

Adventure Time 2010 ~ 2018
Hope you enjoi. Remember to stay saxy my peeps 🎷🙌

Brasshouse Replica (Original)

6 parts15 pages02:087 months ago505 views
Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Baritone Saxophone, Tuba, Percussion
My 3rd highly anticipated composition is done!! I don't know why I'm so hype for this release becuase it's only a minute long or something like that and it's not at par with what other musescorers are doing, but It's what I thought of and this is what came out of that.

It's in the arrangement of Lucky Chops instruments and took me one night in my bedroom to come up with. Inspired by piano.pilots' comment (Thank you)

Anyways, here's my composition. Brasshouse Replica. Enjoi and remember to stay saxy :)

Sakura Blossom

6 parts72 pages03:177 months ago103 views
Flute, Piano(5)
So I wrote the piano part of this and thought that I kinda sounded like a Vocaloid-esque song. So I made a Vocaloid style song. Tried to make the lyrics thing actually work with basically a knockoff Vocaloid plugin, it came out really messy and bad sounding, so just imagine that it worked and the flute line is a singing robot.

Lost world [Live Audio]

1 part5 pages02:307 months ago502 views
Hi! Here is a 100% playable piano composition that I wrote this week! It is a simple song so I think it shouldn't be too difficult to play for an intermediate pianist. It's actually the first time I add a live audio so I hope it's not too bad. ^^'
Feed back is greatly appreciated!

FOR MOBILE USERS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDrsGOymcsk

Amazing pic here : https://www.desktopbackground.org/wallpaper/lost-world-fantasy-art-1920x1080-wallpaper411356-jpg-128775

Uprising [Lost Score]

6 parts12 pages04:427 months ago398 views
Trumpet, Guitar(2), Bass, Synthesizer, Percussion

If you haven't read me other lost score, Ball and Biscuit, than I'll summarize that I been cleaning my PC and I found a dozen of scores dating back to 2 years ago when I was known as Mr. Sax-O-Beat & Co with my friends. I'm going to be releasing these scores periodically.


So, Uprising came to be when Astrid (Synth Arranger) was inspired by the sci-fi synth from the song. She played it non-stop and asked Jeffery (Guitar & Bass arranger) to find that swing rhythm in the song and asked me (Trumpet arranger) to find the melody and we went off with that. It was originally a Soprano Saxophone to play the melody, but I decided at the time to change it to a trumpet for a more "anthem" feel. Made in May 2017. This was Astrid and Jeffery's last score, other than Bohemian Rhapsody, before leaving to college.


The art cover is new and was made a week before this was released. I hope everyone had a great week. Remember to stay saxy my friends. 🎷🙂🤘

Curious about the other lost score? Check out Ball and Biscuit here!:

Fluorescent Adolescent

5 parts14 pages02:412 years ago1,095 views
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion
Here is Arctic Monkeys single "Flourescent Adolescent" from their third album "Favourite Worst Album". Original piano arrangement by Stephanie Truitt and Piano transcription by Zach Tucker. The drums were arranged by Josisen. View all their scores and recordings down below.

Updated it to the key of Eb so it'll be easier to play and also will have a more upbeat feel to it. --1/15/2018--

Zach Tucker's Profile:

Stephanie Truitt's Recording:

Josisen's Score:

Kingston | 1.5K Followers!! | Original Composition | East West Virtual Instruments!! | HQ Audio in Desc.

23 parts2 pages00:488 months ago951 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Bass, Percussion(2), Voice(2), Harp, Violin, Strings(4)
HQ Audio for mobile listeners: https://youtu.be/tMBVt1Mggv4

*Note: The score I've uploaded is only one page long (the first page of the full score). I've deliberately not uploaded the entire document, so as to avoid plagiarism and also so that it might maybe be able to be sold as part of a book of sheet music sometime in the distant future. If any of you want a messy, unpolished version of the score to look at I'm more than willing to send you a copy, I just don't really like having it downloadable for anyone who wants it. I'll continue to do this for any of my future major works, but I'll still upload full scores for smaller compositions/arrangements.

**Note #2: Although there are over a dozen places in the UK called 'Kingston', the title image I used is of another town called 'Castle Combe', and the image in the youtube video is of Highclere Castle, in Hampshire.


Before I even get into describing the music, I want to say thanks once again to everyone who's even listening to this piece, I've been on musescore for almost 3 years now, and the community is still just as strong and supportive as it was when I first joined. It means a lot to recieve comments from other composers, and I think it's a great benefit for anyone who wants to really improve their abilities. At the end of the day, I think that's the stand-out feature that MuseScore holds above all other notation programs.

Anyhow, to continue the follower special tradition, as is such, let me follow up the sappy thankyou note with a bunch of individual thankyous to the users here who have recently inspired me with their music and kind words (NOTE: this list would be a lot longer if I was to include all the people who I've looked up to since I first joined the site - but as many of them have left since then, I'm just going to focus on those who are still actively here and whose skills I think definitely deserve an extra follow :D) Here they are...

Elliot Butler - https://musescore.com/elliot-butler
Robin M. Butler - https://musescore.com/robin_m_butler
Isaac Glover - https://musescore.com/isaac-glover
lizzapie - https://musescore.com/lizzapie
John Donaldson - https://musescore.com/johnwd
Rebecca Y - https://musescore.com/rebeccayang
Mozart_Forever - https://musescore.com/mozart_forever
wind.e - https://musescore.com/wind_e
Vigo Kovačić - https://musescore.com/user/6755401
KeldeoJustified - https://musescore.com/keldeojustified
MV - https://musescore.com/user/1394221
Celthyan - https://musescore.com/user/2544941
Owlman142 - https://musescore.com/owlman142
kalle edh - https://musescore.com/kalle-edh

And now I feel as though there are some others who I have missed. Some of these traditions are getting hard to partake in ;)


And now the piece itself :)

This one came to me as a bit of a surprise. I've been planning my 1500 for a few weeks now, but up until Friday I was a bit clueless as to what I should actually compose for it. I think I have now well and truly risen out of the depths of composer's block, and recently I've discovered the feeling of actually having too many ideas, and simply not knowing which is the best to continue with. The benefit of this, I suppose, is the knowledge that I'll be able to line up a few melodies to use from this point onwards. Anyway, at the end of the day on Friday, I found this theme and decided to just go with it. The rest of the compositional story is pretty boring (I just spent the next two days writing it out. Really not that fun.)

However, as you've hopefully noticed, the audio is of a much more realistic quality than usual, and I'm very very VERY excited to announce that this is because I got a whole new bunch of virtual instruments a few weeks ago, by name, the EAST WEST COMPOSERS CLOUD collection!!!! (can you tell how happy I am :))))))

I've bought a subscription to East West Instrument's "Composer's Cloud", which allows you to access over 10,000 different instrument samples, including their well-known East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra collection. Because of this, I had a very fun 15-hour day yesterday spent entirely trying to mix this piece and polish up the audio to a standard that was at least somewhat representational of what the East West instruments can create. Here's a link to their website if any of you are looking for a good orchestral VST (I would highly recommend!): www.soundsonline.com



EW Symphonic Orchestra -> Flute, Alto Flute, Oboe, Horns in F, Strings
EW Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds -> Bassoon
EW Hollywood Brass -> Trombones
EW Hollywood Orchestral Percussion -> Timpani, Orchestral Chimes, Vibraphone
EW Hollywood Strings -> Strings (mainly violins, doubled with Symphonic Orchestra)
EW Hollywood Choirs -> Choir
EW Hollywood Solo Harp -> Harp
EW Hollywood Solo Violin -> Solo Violin


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - "The Ancient Vessel"

1 part3 pages03:128 months ago643 views
The atmosphere of the music of the ancient vessel is perfect for Xenoblade 2's first dungeon. It's also introduces the best character.


Nope. can't keep a straight face on that one. Seriously though, what is that boss?