MCP Judges Wanted!!

Jul 11, 2018

Hello! If anybody is interested in participating in MCP, but doesn't want to actually compose responses to these prompts and is content with listening to responses instead, then judging may be the thing for you! If you think you might be interested in judging, please comment below or contact me in some way. I can provide you with more specific rubrics by which to judge responses.

The more judges, the better and the fairer judging will be! It would be amazing if we could get somewhere between 3-6 judges. :3

Thank you guys so much! I appreciate you all. :)


I could join, perhaps? I'm quite active.
@Okely dokely
That would be amazing!! :D When the first round of judging begins, you'll be one of the first people I get back to on this! I need to solidify rubrics first, but I'll get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much!!! :)
I'm in!! You see, at the moment I really don't have much time to compose with work and all. However, I would be interested in judging, if possible.

All right, sweet! Now we have three judges!! :D That's awesome. :3
Great!! I think I can judge while still meeting my work deadlines!
I could judge :) i love analyzing music

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