Story Prompt #7

Sep 15, 2018

7. At this time of year, school has started back up for a lot of people! How do you feel about this? If you have had your first day of school or been in school for a bit, how have things gone? If not, how do you think it will go?

Things to Consider:
How do you feel about school starting up again? Are you excited? Nervous? Annoyed? How can you portray this through your music? Tempo, perhaps? A fast tempo could signify anxiety or excitement, and a slow tempo could symbolize dread or sadness. Or could you use modes?
How has school gone so far for you? Have you been able to see your friends again? Is there a lot of homework? Have you already had lots of tests and stress? How can you show this in your music?
Please use the description of the piece to explain what happens, so I can judge how accurate the music is in relation.

Required Tags: MusiComp Prompts, MCP Week #7, MCP Story Prompt #7

Story Prompt #7 Judging Deadline: September 22, 2018 [only one week this time, guys!]

Comment questions and submissions below! Good luck! :)


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