Composition Survivor Season 3!

Ok guys it's finally here: Composition Survivor Season 3 and Sean and I have made a promise to all of you, that if we do not finish the season and it's our fault, we will personally follow all of you. Now that that is all good and done, I'll tell you about the game:

This entire concept is based upon the iconic reality/survival show "Survivor," but there is going to be one big difference: Instead of using your survival skills, you will use compositions! This whole game will be hosted by me and my friend Sean Greenley: This competition will have many twists and turns to always keep you on your toes.
The rules are very simple.
1. (Obviously) You must join the group to compete
2. Once you are part of the group you have to go to the discussion "Ready" and simply comment "ready" and you will become a competitor
3. When we get our 24th "ready," the games will begin with Challenge #1!
4. There will be a new and different challenge every week. The challenge might be something along the lines of: "Base a piece off of this artwork" or "create a song using only a french horn, glockenspiel, and bass ocarina in time signature 2/5." No matter what, it will always be new and exciting
5. At the end of every week, Sean and I will decide who we thought had the best composition..... and who had the worst
6. The person with the worst will be eliminated from Composition Survivor
7. For the first 7 weeks (when there are 10 people remaining), two people will be eliminated each week
8. At the beginning of the 8th week until we have only one remaining, one person will be cut each week
9. If you do not have confidence that you will be able to pull together a piece of music once a week, do not compete. There is no quitting allowed because it takes away from the enjoyment of everybody else
The winner will receive a follow from me and Sean, and both of us will favorite 10 of your scores (It will be your choice which 10).

The competition will start when 24 "ready"s have been counted. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Join the group at

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2 years ago

Critique Please!

I am writing a new set called "Short and Meaningful Songs". So far, there are two songs in the set, "Error_404" AND "SiTeA". If I could get some help and suggestions on what I should compose next please let me know. Thanks!


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3 years ago

Musical Puns Contest

Since (as of yet) we are the first five people on this group, I thought that while we wait for it to grow, I'd hold a contest. Now this is not any normal musical contest, for you shall not be submitting actual music, I just want some really bad (or in the unlikely case, good) puns about music. Just post your best ones in the comments (you're allowed as many entries as you want) and I'll decide a winner on Friday. Any members that join after this contest has been started are still allowed to join. (By the way, here's the secret to a really great (not really) musical pun: B#)

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3 years ago

Halloween Music Contest!!!!!!!

This is our first contest (WOOHOO!!!!!) and the topic is Halloween, because Halloween is coming up! Now, I'm not just gonna say, make a Halloween piece, since then no criteria would be put into place, so, instead, I'm gonna lay some ground rules:

1. Must be 3 - 4 pages in length.

2. It should have at least one key change.

3. It should have at least one tempo change.

4. Use as many accidentals as possible!

5. I'll give extra credit to anyone who uses an organ.

So, there are your ground rules, the rest is up to you!

- Habibullah Khan 1.5 (?)

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3 years ago

Contest Vote!!!!!

Based on loklofafa's (I really hope that I spelt that right) recent discussion, I've decided that we will hold our first contest soon, but not yet. What I'm going to have is a small vote (in the comments) for what it should be on. Here are the nominees:

1. Original Halloween Song
2. Parody of Halloween Song
3. Arrangement of Halloween Song
4. Parody of Halloween Song Based on Donald Trump
5. Halloween Song using Specific Instruments (I'll Choose)

So there you have 'em. I'll tally the votes on the 12th. May the best one win.

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3 years ago

A Composer's World Cup!

The World Cup is a HUGE deal internationally and I always love watching it. So I came up with the idea of, instead of having soccer teams, we should have composers!
1. The Cup begins with 64 composers. That's right. 64.
2. Once the 64th composer joins, the games will begin.
3. The 64 composers will be split up into 16 groups of 4 each.
4. The other 3 people in your group will be your round 1 competition.
5. After I split you into 16 groups, I will give a prompt for everybody. The prompt may be "Create a song based upon the Avenger's Theme" or "Create a piece consisting of only woodwinds and a marimba." It could be anything.
6. You will have one week to complete your song and post it in your group.
7. Once the week is up, I will have listened to all of your pieces and chosen the top 2 in each of your groups. The top 2 in each group I chose will move on to the next round. The other 2 in your group will not.
8. After 2 people in each group have been eliminated, there will be 32 remaining.
9. Each person in the top 32 will go head-to-head against another random person.
10. After one week, I will have given another prompt and you would've written another piece.
11. I will chose who in your head-to-head match had the better song. And the worst.
12. The person with the worst will be eliminated. Then there will be 16 composers left.
13. That same system will go on until only 1 remains. They will be called the WORLD CUP CHAMPION!!!
The world cup champion will be followed by me and I will favorite 10 of your scores. (Or if you are not pro, all of them.) And, of course, you will be known as the world cup champion and have a chance in the next world cup if you want.
-Tony McCahill

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3 years ago


We are nearing a population of 8 people, and so when could we have our first contest? (P.S., just a suggestion, its going to be halloween... soon... so, halloween themed? maybe? if we have contest?)

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3 years ago