Best Film Score and/or Best Film Composer

My favorite film score is Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings, due to its amazing use of leitmotifs. However, my favorite composer is John Williams, mostly because he has so many amazing and influential film scores. I think overall, John Williams is a better composer than Howard Shore, but the Lord of the Rings score is better compared to any one John Williams score.

My top film composers (and their best scores each):
1. John Williams (Star Wars)
2. Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings)
3. Michael Giacchino (Star Trek: Into Darkness)
4. Hans Zimmer (Interstellar)
5. Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future)

What do you think?

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a year ago

Academy Award for Best Original Score

Here are all of the winners of the 21st century.
Tan Dun
Howard Shore
Elliot Goldenthal
Howard Shore
Jan A. P. Kaczmarek
Gustavo Santaolalla
Gustavo Santaolalla
Dario Marianelli
A. R. Rahman
Michael Giacchino
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Ludovic Bource
Mychael Danna
Steven Price
Alexandre Desplat
Ennio Morricone
Justin Hurwitz
Alexandre Desplat

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9 months ago

Movie Theme Contest

Hey all! Clarinet had the idea for a movie theme contest and so kindly let me organize all of it xD.
Anyway, if you want to participate, upload a score by the 30th of November. The score MUST have more than 1 instrument, and not just a piano cover (Sorry Bendik). The title must have MTC: or Movie Theme Contest FIRST before the title of the piece. Any piece that is played in a movie counts. (Yes, All Star would count, then)
Scoring will be as follows:
Correct notation of the score, such as time signature, key, actual notes, rhythm, etc (1-5)
Length (1minute- 5 points | 2 minutes - 6 points | 3 minutes - 7 points | 4 minutes - 8 points | 5 minutes or more - 10 points)
Instruments EDIT: Instruments will only count if notated separately. For example, I cannot copy/paste my notes to 7 instruments and get credit for that. (2-3=5 points |4-5=6 points | 7-8= 7 points | 8-9= 8 points | 10 or more - 10 points)
I will go through all scores submitted and will have results by Dec 10th. It's a long contest, I know :)
If you think there is another category that I should include, please post below with all the scoring.
ADMINS: You can participate! I'm going to grade all the scores myself (depending on how many there are lol)

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Could we have a contest?

Could we have a contest for the best arrangement of a movie theme, and the admins act as judges? Is this a good idea? I'll let twostepsfromlordofthestars iron out the details like the deadline etc. Let me know your thoughts.

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a year ago