Contemporaries of Mozart

There were many composers active at the same time as Mozart, the most well-known is perhaps the older Haydn. There were also many who are not so well-known today, but who make for fine listening if people like Mozart.

Three I can think of off-hand, and whose work I'm familiar with, are Franz Benda, Franz Krommer and the more well-known Muzio Clementi.
Benda wrote a lot of the older style 'symphonies' more like sinfoniettas with their short movements of 2-3 minutes. They are in the style of the period that bridges baroque and later classical, galant style. Krommer was also a symphonist, but with greater substance. Clementi needs little introduction, he was also active when Beethoven was working and his sonatas were well-known to Beethoven.

Just a bit of related interest regarding who else was active when Wolfgang was working.

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Dona Nobis Pacem

I'd like to wish those who celibate Christmas a Merry Christmas.  And for those who celebrate any other holiday this time of of the the year I wish you a happy holiday as well. 

I would like to share a carol (canon) that some  believe Mozart composed. One I enjoyed singing one time. And later discovered it is believe to be composed by my favorite composer. Though it is not for sure all the way. But hey, it's the thought that counts and it's a lovely little canon anyways. 

Now Mozart did work with the Dona Nobis Pacem at times for instance here

Dona Nobis Pacem meaning Grant us peace. 

3 months ago

Poll (which is your fav?)

I was thinking about doing a poll every once and awhile to see which is the favorite work out of the 4 I choose.

And probably in category, the first with me primarily being a singer! Will be vocal works of course.

Here are the first 4 choices:

A) Exultate Jubliate (0 votes)

B) Kyrie - Mass No. 17 (2 vote)

C) Commendatore - Don Giovanni (0 votes)

D) come scoglio - Cosi fan Tutte (0 votes)

I know 3 of four were soprano parts, but they are some of his best. And I left his most popular out as to get a fair survey. And to maybe give you all a chance to know his works more!

Tell me if you like the idea of polls?

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Dec 5th

The most performed, the most mythologised, the most deconstructed, and the most popular of composers, For me the best Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on this day in 1791 at the age of 35. Discover his works:

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Mozart his short presence in this world

I found this image. I hope you find interesting to discuss the physical description and presence of Mozart. I loved this image because I think maybe the short little guy there could be Mozart. Mozart was about five feet tall. How such a short man can be so close to God and with incomparable talent  enduring presence. 263 year in January. I love his music more every single day. Inefficiently  I really try hard to compose and copy some of his sounds but what I think is interesting is that I learn more about him by trying mixing with modern ideas. I think this way we try to imagine what Mozart is still trying to tell. IMPORTANT for everyone not to forget this coming December 5th  227 ANNIVERSARY. YOUR WELCOME :)

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Anyone can transcribe the Rondo from the 4th Horn Concerto for me? Need it by this month. Many Thanks!

5 months ago

K574 - a discovery?

I think I have made a discovery concerning the gigue in G major, K 574. Here's something I wrote about it late last year.

It's not that surprising that Mozart should have written a piece based on Bach, especially given the fact that he was in Leipzig at the time. What I find amazing is that I can find no other mention of the similarity between the B minor fugue and K574 anywhere on the internet. Has this really been overlooked for 228 years?

6 months ago

A musical Joke K522

Last night I was reading some articles about Mozart and for my surprise I saw this article talking about this piece "A Musical Joke"  I did not know he did this incredible funny piece or I cannot remember hearing or reading about it before.  I imagine our idol having so much joy and creativity knowing the future in music. I wonder what else if he didn't die so soon.  what a GENIUS.  

6 months ago

Transcribed Mozart work.

Hi, all.

I want to share a transcribed work of Mozart's I just worked on. 

This is my favorite church sonata. So I was glad to have been able to transcribe it into musescore. Which handled it  quite well.

Take a look and listen to this master piece if you'd like. To start your week this monday. 
Don't forget you can add your own songs to the group (I want all walks of life to know they are welcome to appreciate all music. Especially Mozart!!!)

And you can also start a discussion if you would like about a new work of his you have found or speaking of him in general. As to share the genius he is. 

Have a great week!!! 


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Mozart Church Sonata's

Not for sure if you all are aware of the Church Sonata genre that Mozart composed 17 of. They are single mvt works.

I think number 12 is my fav of the entire catalog of what he composed of them.

They were meant to be played between the Epistle and the Gospel.

You can learn more of them more here:

for sheet music of the works to study:,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)

And listen to all 17 including the 12th my fav. here is a link:

You can hear a young Mozart in these works a lot, and when you hear them for the first time you fall in love with what is Mozart again. :)

Hope you find them as interesting as I did when I first discovered them!!! :D

a year ago

Poll no. 3 (Horn concerto's)

I was thinking of a new poll, and it hit me just now. There are 4 horn concertos that Mozart composed simple enough.

I was thinking no. 1 will be the most favorite of them. I love no 1, but I really love no 2 and 3.

No 2 has the most amazing B theme in all 4 of the works in my opinion in the 1st mvt. And no 3 has the most perfect build up to a b theme trill with a perfect b theme trill and a transition from b theme to development section.

No 4 is the most developed of his horn concertos in my opinion.

And number one which was composed last, has a funny story behind it. By the time Mozart had gotten to that point. The soloist Mozart was composing the works for had gotten old, and Mozart was writing jokes in the rondo at his friend.

"For you, Mr. Donkey—Come on—quick—get on with it—like a good fellow—be brave—Are you finished yet?—for you—beast—oh what a dissonance—Oh!—Woe is me!!—Well done, poor chap—oh, pain in the balls!—Oh God, how fast!—you make me laugh—help—take a breather—go on, go on—that's a little better—still not finished?—you awful swine!—how charming you are!—dear one!—little donkey!—ha, ha, ha—take a breath!—But do play at least one note, you prick!—Aha! Bravo, bravo, hurrah!—You're going to bore me for the fourth time, and thank God it's the last—Oh finish now, I beg of you!—Confound it—also bravura?—Bravo!—oh, a sheep bleating—you're finished?—Thank heavens!—Enough, enough!"

So when you listen to the 2nd mvt of the 1st horn concerto that is what you should think of. XD

What's your personal fav of the 4? :)

I've included the versions with sheet music so you may study as you listen to these wonderful woks :D

W/ Dennis Brain as the soloist in all 4!

A) no. 1 (

B) no. 2 (

C) no. 3 (

D) no. 4 (

Hope you all enjoy these masterpiece!!! :)

a year ago

Hi Steven,

It is my pleasure to join this group. I hope we can do more together and create together!
Keep composing :)

a year ago

Any commissions on a Mozart piece?

First of all Merry Christmas everyone!! I hopeyou had a blast ! :D
And second, does anyone have any requests for a Mozart piece for me to transcribe? If you do, I hope it's not too long (I'm currently working on The Marriage of Figaro overture, so that's probably the perfect 'scale' of a requested work)! Leave your suggestions below! :D

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Poll no.2 (Piano Concertos)

Mozart's most known ability was pianist.

However he was an excellent dancer as well. In fact he first danced publicly before he played piano publicly. (which was only a few months apart.)

He was also a singer, and a violinist.

Today I picked four piano concertos for you all to vote which one is your favorite of the four ( I excluded the 20th, because I know how popular it is).

A) 10th ( ) this one is the one Mozart loved playing with his sister. Making it one of his personal favorites.

B) 21st ( ) which if you listen at 4:04 - 4:17 you will hear the famous motif for his 40th symphony composed much later. The second mvt features one of the most beautiful second mvts of all time.
(1 vote)

C) 25th ( a very bright and powerful work. That was composed to flow together so well. The rondo always gets to me how Mozart went from the A theme to the most amazing C theme. The C theme is one of my favorite themes in Mozart's works.
(1 vote)
D) 27th ( ) Mozart's final Piano concerto. One of the most widely performed today. I noticed looking at all these programs the last year it was played a lot in 2017. And I see why. It has a home feel to it. An amazing concerto. Has risen to one if not my favorite piano concerto of his.
(1 vote)

Of the Four which do you all think is the best?

a year ago

This is a kinda dumb question but...

how do you really pronounce "mozart"?
Is it "moZart" or "moTSart"
Been confused for a while, since a lot of the people I know pronounce it one way but others pronounce it the other way...

a year ago

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well! I would like to wish all the members of The Mozart Appreciation Group a very Merry Christmas! (or happy holidays; depending on what you celebrate this season)

Mozart did not per say compose any Christmas works.

However that doesn't mean that you can't listen to his works on Christmas.

The Alleluja in his Exsultate, jubilate, K. 165; Is the the spirit level I would think Christmas to be.

I'll share a link to my favorite Soprano Diana Damrau singing the work and a another link to over one hour of random Mozart music, to have a bright holiday!

1 + hour link:

From me to you, Merry Christmas (happy holidays)

And thank you for being part of this group!


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My reasoning I love Mozart.

I fell in love with Mozart years ago, during a very rough time of my life. And his music brought happiness back into my life (hence the reason for my user name :) )

I remember the first work of his I heard, it would have been his 4th violin concerto 1st mvt. And I was sad, and I popped a c.d. in with classical music on it. And I got to the track, and I would have never guessed a human that was alive 250 years ago almost. Would have caused such happiness in my life. I was used to listening to gospel, a little bit of rock, swing, jazz, some pop, and things like that. But the Classical era came into my life with a bang. And I am proud Mozart is the first composer I heard from it!

I don't have a favorite work per say. But, In my recent bringing the joy back to life for my love for Mozart it would have to be between his 3rd mvt to his 41st symphony, or his 4th mvt of his 35th symphony.

41st 3rd mvt.

35th 4th mvt:

I do enjoy listening to any works of his, and could hum plenty of his melodies, and know their titles, and how I feel about them right off the bat. He's one of the few composers that have brought pure joy into my life.

But, I want to hear from you. Please post what you love about him, and the work that made you love him Ext.

a year ago

4th movement of Jupiter Symphony and the Requiem Mass

Both of these are stunning, and literally perfect.
The 4th movement of the Mozart Symphony 41 brings all the themes together in a 'mish-mash' of absolute genius. Somehow your mind is able to sort through the chaos, and it is the ultimate in stimulation.
And the Requiem Mass is pure emotion. You can almost feel his pain.

These are two of the best compositions ever created by man.

a year ago

Feed back? Advice? Mozart!

I uploaded my Turkish march impossible remix to the group (accordingly) an i was wondering if i could get some feedback. Mainly on whether i followed the melody line right, if it is too simple and advice for doing better in the future and improving the score.

a year ago


Please start a discussion If you would like, and name a specific work of his that you Love, and explain why.

Or comment on another discussion if the work another user has talked about is your favorite.

What work of his have you discovered here recently that reignited the love you have for his music?

The rules are as follows:

1) Please no foul (swearing, profanity, cursing ext.) or abusive language!

2) Be kind to one another!

3) Keep calm and love Mozart!

Please have fun!

a year ago

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A major K. 622

I find this piece so beautiful and sometimes when I listen to it I get tears in my eyes. I feel like the whole piece is unified but not boring, which is very difficult to do when you compose. Mozart's stylistic integrity was amazing. Another thing is I seem to misremember a lot of his pieces. For example, I would think the beginning theme in this would go:
(treble clef, key of G)
But it doesn't. It's funny how inaccurate my memory can be.
P.S: This type of music notation I just made up isn't too bad for discussion posts!

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