The little jewels within Mozart's music treasure chest

Jun 1, 2019

Many pieces from Mozart are amongst the most beautiful things that can be eared, for these who are receptive to at least.
But there are also pieces from him which won't procure that undescriptible feeling ( mix of ecstasy/peace and achievement. Plus the need of earing more of it ;) ) 

I am not particularly fond of the second movement of Symphony nb.25 for example. It's fine, but in my opinion it lacks something, or I don't get that thing, for any reason. 
I just feel this Andante won't really start and tell the story, or if it does, it seems it couls have been much more than that.
But, and this is the subject of this topic, there is this small passage within, which is beyond everything else in those 70 bars.
I mean, that's precisely the moment I am waiting for when listening to this movement.  I wished so hard Mozart would have  develop further this absurdely simple but at the same time heavenly beautiful theme!
Here it is:

Would be fun to point out further "magic" passages in other Mozart's compositions. There are so many!
The problem is cutting them to put  here in the topic ( needs some audio editing or score writing,  this last one being an excellent exercise )