Hi all!

I just uploaded my first transcription competition, and would love it if you were to check it out. It is a competition for people to try and recreate a piece I wrote a while ago, in a program outside of MuseScore. I'm on a journey to find a selection of the finest transcribers has ever seen.

Here's a link to the competition:

And here's a link to the piece you'll be arranging:

All the other details can be found in the description of the score. So, if you're interested, have a crack at it! The more competitors the better!

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2 years ago

Competition #8 - Super Smash Challenge ~ CANCELED

Competition 8 will actually be for a prize. A prize of a professional soundtrack and a spot as background music in the upcoming brony game, Super Smash Ponies:
You will be composing a theme for Canterlot Castle. I will be joined in judging by:
Chocolate Milk Terrorist:

It must be appropriate for both Super Smash Bros and a Castle Stage. It should be for actual instrument sounds and not the sounds of the MuseScore soundfont, due to the fact it will be professionally remixed.

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6 years ago

Composing Challenge (#7 I guess?) ~ Due: 2/3/13

To notate in 10/8, press T. It must be in 10/8 and NOT 5/4.

Judges: iHasCheese, a_bohman, and me.
Email your song(s) to
Alright, for your composing challenge, you shall, should you choose to except it, is to write a song in 10/8. 10/8 is counted 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2 1,2.
To notate in 10/8, press T. It must be in 10/8 and NOT 5/4.
This song, Fancye, is in 10/8:
Or Gypsy Dance:
The prize will be a professional sound to the song in 10/8 and one other song of your choice.
Deadline is 2/3/13.
You are not graded on instrumentation, so feel free to use whatever instruments you want.
fitz44: E-mailed file.

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6 years ago

Challenge #6 due 10-22-2012

Since nobody posted a new one I guess I will. Lets try an oboe solo with piano accompaniment. Minimum length of 2 min. but not to exceed 6 min. Can be any style of music, and can be either original or an arrangement. Must contain at least one time signature change.

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6 years ago

Challenge #5 ~ Due 8/28

Okay, this time the challenge is going to be based off a picture. The picture I chose is this:
I chose it because of its open-endedness. The piece should not be in any time signature with the bottom number /4, and it should not contain any d's (d#, d flat, d natural) of any sort. Of course, that excludes glissandos. The winning song should be the most creative in describing this pic :) I'm going to make the due date 8/28 but if that time is either too short or excessively long please let me know. Good luck!

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6 years ago

Challenge #4--Ends 7/14/12

Your goal:

Make an emotionally "sad" song.

(You can use any number of instruments to accomplish this. All it needs to do is sound sad.)

The prize for the winner: He gets to come up with Challenge #5!

Best of luck, MegaMettaurs3000

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6 years ago

Challange #1

A very simple challenge--Don't worry, they will get harder! Here are the requiremends for this song:
1) There must be at least 5 instruments
2) The song must either have a key change, OR be in a key with at least 3 sharps or 3 flats.
Good luck with the first challenge!

Never Lose Hope
Money Talks (A Little Bit)
Watch Your Back!
Meet Barnes
Torture School
Space Song
Sword of Gold (does not match all requirements!)
Over the Tide
Sakura Sakura
Zelda Boss- Molgera (work in progress)

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6 years ago

Voting on Challenge #3

Winner will become an ADMIN! The rules are:
You can only vote once, for one person only
You can't be mean about your vote, insult other people, or take insult if one doesn't vote for you.

Here are the entries:

Dawn (

It's Upside-Down (

Sadness and Anger (

Stalin: Man of Steel (

Good luck, guys!

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6 years ago

Challenge #3--Ends 6/3/12

Before reading, the competition ends June 3rd.

1) the song must have the following things:
1 trill (at least)
1 glissando (at least)

2) the song must be for piano alone
3) the song may not have any C naturals in it (or B#'s, or Dbb's, and the like).

It's Upsidedown
Sadness and Anger

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6 years ago

Challenge #2

For the requirement:
Right a song in 5/4 time. p.s. it still has to have musical rythum and thought. =)

5/4 Challenge Piece

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6 years ago

Deleting Unneccesary Comments

Hey, guys! I have a question: Is it OK if we delete unneccesary comments? To mkae it less confusing, it would be easier to see a list of songs for a certain challenge, but that alone. For example, in challenge #1, we have one post, saying, "is it too late to start challenge #1?" We would delete that, because it's not an actual song that has been posted.
The second option we have is this (I like it better). Under the discussion, I could write a list of all of the songs that have been posted under the certain challenge. This way, people don't have to scroll down and down...

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6 years ago