Does this have a name in the music world?

So for a long time I've been hearing these little motifs in Bach music and sometimes other places as well, but I don't know what the name of it is. Examples are down below.

Hopefully these are enough examples so you guys could understand what I mean. Thanks!

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2 days ago

MuseScore Pro

Is it worth it?
How much does it cost?
Any helpful advantages for beginner composers over a free account?

Thanks for any feedback! Or for just looking at this! ^^

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3 days ago

So, I have an idea.

(I also posted this in Strings group)

I was thinking that every month or so, we write a song that the month were in reminds us of. Like, if March reminded me of blooming flowers, and I was I March,  I might write a song called Bloom. Or, we could write songs about the seasons, like Vivaldi did, only we would make them our own original composition, What do you think?

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7 days ago

What do you think of my first finished work?

I wonder what do you think about my first sonata, and i'm glad to share it with you, always open to critics (be nice too, since i'm a self-taught compositor and pianist). Here you have the 3 movement's of my first Sonata, "life":

I know that maybe I can improve its readability with some small changes, but at the moment, as I learn more and get more knowledge it will keep without changes. Thanks a lot for your time :)!!

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5 days ago

technical question

Hello - I'm new here and this may not be the right spot for this but i can't find any place for technical questions on the site.

i'm trying to get the software to do what i imagine is the most straightforward way to get music notated.  i would like to play my piano directly into a mic attached somehow to the software on my mac and have the music notated.  Not only can i not find out how to do this with this software but, searching around the internet, i can't find any other way to do this very straightforward thing so i'm wondering if its even possible.


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9 days ago

Tips on learning classical guitar?

Long story short, I picked up a book from the library and am teacing myself/
Tips? And I can't figure out how you strike the lowest string and not have it vibrate against another string. And I can't figure out how to not accidentally depress a different string then the one I'm trying to. And how do I reach the 6th string with my left hand?
Thanks guys :)

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7 days ago

Any kind of feedback is accepted and encouraged!

I'm unsure if I should expand upon this... whatever you would call it I made several months ago for my anthropomorphic lucario persona (based on Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal's OST) or just scratch it and make a completely new score.

I'm not proficient in creating original compositions, and I lack the knowledge of many terms, but I'm going to get better and I hope to one day make my own large music piece.

(You're probably triggered because I most likely used several terms in the wrong ways.)

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8 days ago