I'm stuck with a snotty kid that happens to be a piano prodigy. His fam is rich and we are stuck road tripping with them. I don't like to be compared to others by my fam, but it always happens. Every performance we go to, I'm stuck listening to my parents' comments about how I need to be like the others at the studio: a prodigy destined for greatness. I tried to tell my mom, but she just brushed it off and defended herself and my father. Also, I didn't even want to go on this road trip. I wasn't even asked! So, PLEASE help and give advice so I can make it thru the trip... 

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19 hours ago

My wish list

Composing has proven to be above my talent level.  I have a wish list of songs I'd love to play but can't find sheet music for.  I've managed a few songs to completion but I'm not quitting my day job.  If ANYONE is a little bored sometime and feels like working their magic for these songs, there's no telling how much gratitude I'll give in return.

Every Time I Look At You  KISS
You Should't Kiss Me Like This TOBY KEITH
I Won't Forget You POISON

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a day ago

"Steal my music" Challenge to Koodis supreme

If you can do something interesting with it, elevate it in some way, put more life into it, while still holding onto compositional integrity, then I bow to you.  Alternatively I will give harsh critique, a public display of critical compositional thinking so we can all learn together. These pieces are my earlier works so it wont be as difficult. Are you up for the challenge?

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a day ago

Plagiarizer Supreme

A certain user by the name of Dookis Supreme is plagiarizing my compositions and claiming them as his/her own. For example, here is a piece they copied NOTE FOR NOTE:

My piece:

Their piece:

There is another piece where he/she takes a piece of mine and butchers it, turning it into some nonsense about raging tapioca pudding:

My piece:

Their piece:

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3 days ago

Public Apology of the Dookis

I apologize to the following people for plagiarizing their scores:

The Virtuoso Pianist (even though I was not the Koodis, I initiated the madness that caused someone to create the Koodis, so I apologize any way).

I apologize to the following people for impersonating and mocking them:

mnmwert (micah miller)
Fia Goudes (I can't remember her user name)
Rebecca Y
and everyone else who I angered and put on edge who I don't remember their names

I am going to be a good Musescorer. If I start to step out of line, just gently correct me (I have multiple personality syndrome or something like that).

And could someone try to get the admins. to unblock Dookis Supreme. I would prefer that email for my account.

Thank You :)

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a day ago

Goodbye Musescore!

Hey, guys, just wanted to notify you all. I have recently found a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called FL Studio. I have been working on learning it for a few days, and I'm hooked. So, I will be making a Soundcloud account and making FL Studio music to post there and sell on the Unity Asset Store. What this means is: I'm leaving Musescore. My 6-Month journey with you guys has been very fun. But it's time for me to move on. I'm not getting rid of my account, nor am I stopping uploading. I'm just going to be WAY less active. Shoutout to Masked_mudkip105 for introducing me to musescore, and to musescore and the musescore staff for being a huge help! I would not be composing today without you guys. 
So, yeah. Goodbye, everyone, and keep composing! ;)

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9 days ago

"River flows in you" - Yiruma

can someone please please make sheet music from this link,   Yiruma - River flows in you - EASY Piano Cover/Tutorial by PlutaX Synthesia.  (on Youtube).   I know there are more advanced versions of the song but this version is the only version easy enough that I think I could play.  So could some one make sheet music to the song in the link NOT THE ADVANCED VERSION THE ONE IN THE LINK.     could any of you let me know when your working on it and finished it please, it would really appreciate it.

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5 days ago

How important do you think proper theory knowledge is in composition?

I've noticed a lot of people on here (including myself) don't know a lot of theory. 
Yet a lot of these people (not including myself?) are surprisingly amazing at composing.

So how important is it to know what different chords are and what the theory rules are? Is it just a tool, or is it absolutely essential for composition?

More discussion here:

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7 days ago