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Sep 10, 2018

Hi. 2 days ago a new MuseScore app was released.
To avoid duplicate information, this release is essentially the same as Android:

At this moment we know about a few issues in the new App and we will fix it asap. My personal apologies for any incovenience. =(

In order to have a consistent list of the top issues I'll write them here. If you want to add something, please don't hesitate to add information in the comments.

0. Users who bought the app before have no access to the paid functions. 
Our goal is not to collect more money from existing customers. If you logged in in the previous app you have access after login. If not, you can use the "restore" button on the paid layout (we will add this button to the "settings" page in the next release).

1. On iPad 2 scores are playing, but not viewing properly.
We are working on it.

2. Migration issue: after the update, some users lost their scores in the Songbook. 
At the moment we can't reproduce this issue. Any additional information can help us to isolate this issue. If you are having this issue, let us know which device and OS version that is the source of lost scores.

3. Some users can't export to songbook. 
We also can't reproduce this issue. If anybody has this problem, please write me directly on the facebook messenger ( ) or by email at

4. "Share files" functionality on iTunes
We are working on a fix.

5. Sorting in the Songbook and favorites lists. Before the update it was alphabetical but now it's ordered by adding date.
We are also working on a fix.


2.0.1 had a regression compared to 2.0, in which accessing the Mixer results in a crash. My emails have more bugs listed.

Regarding issue 1, I think it's probably more about operating system (my mobile devices are running 10.3.3), rather than iPad model, as I can reproduce on iPhone 5c.

I have not yet updated MS on the iPad 4, so perhaps I can try to help in fixing issue 2.
I lost my scores on iPad Pro running iOS 11.4.1. Also cannot use transpose feature (causes crash) and cannot view scores properly - I get only a half or quarter page not a full page.
Same problems. Using mixer results in crash. Lost files. On an iPad Pro. iPhone had the old version, but I was forced to update. Please make it possible to install an older working version. It's urgent, as our new singing season started last week. Whereas I always invited my companions to use Songbook, I cannot give such an advise now.
iPhones 6 and above (amongst my friends and all) are all suffering from the following issues:
- Previously downloaded scores wiped off our phones
- Unable to download/open/export MuseScore files from online servers (e.g. Dropbox or email) in Songbook app (which was previously possible). 

Using MuseScore 36
As of 0830 GMT, the Apple App Store shows the current version of MuseScore app is 2.0.2.
It would be helpful for those of us assisting in this rollout by testing the releases, to know when a new release is available for download. One way is to check the version number of what is on our devices against the version posted at the App Store. 
Or, can we trust the App Store app on the phone or tablet to show us right away when an update is available?
I have verified on iPhone SE iOS 11.4.1 and now reported to support that the version "36" Mixer will not retain parts volume settings.
It remembers metronome settings and parts visibility, but parts volume settings return to default levels as soon as the Mixer is closed.
@tomfeledy Thanks you, I added this task to the list
2. Migration issue: after the update, some users lost their scores in the Songbook.  At the moment we can't reproduce this issue. Any additional information can help us to isolate this issue. If you are having this issue, let us know which device and OS version that is the source of lost scores.

I have this issue

device: iphone 6 with OS10

Also same problem on Ipad (but I have to check specifics)
3. Some users can't export to songbook.  We also can't reproduce this issue. If anybody has this problem, please write me directly on the facebook messenger ( ) or by email at

I have this problem

device: iphone 6 with OS10  Also same problem on Ipad (but I have to check specifics)
Export from Dropbox to Songbook fails in version 36
In Dropbox on my phone (iPhone SE 11.4.1) 
1) I tap the 3 dots on an mscz file, 
2) I tap the icon “Copy to MuseScore”,
3) I see “Creating a Link” and then “Exporting” 
4) Songbook opens, but the file is not there.

Also, simply tapping the file in Dropbox just shows a window with text: the filename and "MuseScore file" 
Is tapping the file supposed to open it in MuseScore Browse, perhaps?
1. After migration, all the scores in the iPad songbook disappeared.
2. I keep all my scores on a local NAS, and upload to the iPad when necessary for a gig using the iPad app "FileExplorer".
Since the update, FileExplorer does not upload at all. (However, it shows the same MuseScore splash screen as it did before the update.)
3. Saving an existing score online does make it available to download to the iPad, but it does not display at all. Replay does work, but changing sound levels is sluggish.
4. I use the iPad to display the scores, not play them, so until the bugs are fixed the app is of no use to me.

Running iOS 10.3.3 on iPad 2 (I think), model number MD511LL/A
What is with the pre-counting function which was available in the previous app? Will this be added again?
Great, but something happened since the last update, I can’t open any files which are saved in the songbook.
Since update i can hear the songs when playing play but no partition is showing. I only have a blank page. I'm on ipad 4 on ios 10.
@R34R35 Today we fixed this issue. It will work with the next release.
All my previously available sheet show empty and clicking them just shows an error saying it is "temporarily unavailable". Latest iOS version on iPad Pro 10.5". Can't even click sheet in Browse either, just shows a loading spinner.
@cacotigon The very strange issue, we received no complaints about it. Do you have opened an internet connection?
I work on MacBook Pro (2017), iPad mini4; and iPhone 8s. Issues on all three. Songs download but when app reopens they aren’t always there. I lost all scores saved to songbook prior to your upgrade recently.
I had hundreds of pieces of music I had edited & formatted on my PC and imported into MuseScore 1.13 that I had purchased into my iPad Air 2 for playing live and this latest version 2.0.2 did the following:

1) Erased all my songs off my songbook.
2) When re-importing songs into the latest 2.0.2 version, the formatting is completely off and the score looks awful with small and unreadable music notes. 
3) Version 2.0.2 only allows me to import 2 of my edited songs into my songbook from google drive.

How can I install MuseScore 1.13 back into my iPad please? 

We should be able to install 1.13 until a new fixed application is uploaded to the Apple's App Store RIGHT ??????

Anyone ???
Songbook users and Musescore team alike, feel free track progress or add information in the FAQ-document for Songbook and Musescore app:

Anyone can edit and comment. The focus is providing clear information and suggestions for solutions, while linking to active threads in the groups/forums. 
Scores created on my iMac work fine on my iMac
Cannot load these files onto songbook on my iPad since songbook has been incorporated into the MuseScore app
As I use this for gigging it is a major problem
Please can we have the old version back until the bugs are fixed
@Kgbh1 Good point. Maybe add a new discussion with the topic: "Please can we have the Songbook 1.13 back until the bugs are fixed"?
@Guldberg As I said here: it's impossible (ok, possible but difficult). At the beginning of next week, new version with crucial fixes will be available (concrete day depends on Apple moderation system)
@DmitriyPopov Thank you for your reply with which I have updated the FAQ Edit: Corrected link is

Since a relaunch is possible, albeit difficult, a question has been added to the FAQ: 8   How can users persuade the Musescore team to provide the Songbook app until the Musescore app 2.x is completely fixed?

This question needs to be a discussion in a thread of its own. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts in the FAQ.  
 My musescore app has been updated and lost the function of searching for scores by name. I paid for the application with this function, I want to be able to search my scores again by name! My email is and my username is marcosleite1 
Guldberg's Sep. 16th link to Musescore app FAQ returns "Page Not Found." 
His Sep. 15th link is OK, though.
There is nothing in the App Store description of the new app to tell new users which features of the "free" app require purchase of a license.  (added as Issue #11 in FAQ's page)

Below is the text as I have copied it a few minutes ago from the App Store.
I have bolded every feature that is not free.
For Musescore to surprise users with the need to pay for nearly all these features will make them feel they are being misled and resentful, as happened with one new user I helped download the new app this morning.

When the de-debugged version of this app is finally uploaded to the App Store, can we make it clear to new users what they get for free and what they will have to pay for - before they download the app?

From the App Store 2019-09-19, 0630 GMT:


Download scores and access them offline anywhere you go


• view and play sheet music
• set the tempo and transpose
• set the volume and visibility of each instrument in every score with the Mixer tool
• share your favorite sheet music with your friends and fans
• export sheet music to PDF
• use metronome
• loop any part of a song with the Loop tool
@tomfeledy I think Songbook and Ultimate Guitar Musescore App are lost causes. There are other alternative apps out there. Songbook was meant to provide financial support for the open source Musescore desktop project, and other ways of support should be reviewed. 
BTW thank you for updating the FAQ:
New Musescore IOS app presents the following issues for me:

1) The way the mixer works is now different, since it needs the score to be rendered with separat parts needed for every staff I want to mute/mix. Is this intentional? No big deal, but in the old version I could mix all instruments/staffs, regardless if there was a part or not.

2) Mixer staff/part names now show up as sample names. I have a SATB score now appearing as WOMEN, WOMEN, MEN, MEN in the mixer, but I would love Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass the way I named the parts.

3) On my iPad Pro 12.9" with iOS 12 the loop function has a severe bug in marking in/outs. But it works fine on my iPhone 8plus iOS12.

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