iOS app v2.0.4 has multiple bugs - but crashes now fixed by version "36"

Sep 10, 2018

Bugs I found and reported today for iOS v. 2.0.4: 
1) Songs downloaded to Songbook show as "This item is temporarily unavailable" no matter how many times you try to open it.
2) Tapping the  “Parts Mixer” icon crashes the app immediately.
3) Tapping the “Tempo and Transposition” icon crashes the app immediately 
4) Tapping the Magnifier icon when in Landscape mode turns the display 90 degrees to Portrait even though you are holding the device in Landscape. This makes this control pretty much useless, since although you can adjust note size, you cannot see the effect on the screen in its wrong orientation.

Additional problems with v. 2.0.4:
A) Although there is some "Help" available in the app, the Introduction page shows as "updated 1 year ago." It is out of date, referring to a "Free" and a "Paid" version of the app, which this update now eliminates.
B) The splash screens when you first install the app describe a feature "now available" involving a two-finger screen gesture that doesn't actually work.
C) Although you can now "Share" from the "Browse" screen (formerly "Discover"), Sharing to a Mac sends only a text link. Sharing to an iPad stilling running the previous "Songbook" edition that has not yet suffered this update brings up a menu to select what app should open the shared file, but neither Songbook nor MuseScore are listed, so Sharing fails.

I participated in the "Testflight" beta testing for the new Songbook app which was terminated over a month ago with no explanation. The beta I helped test did not have these bugs. 

This week we wake up to a buggy update of our previous app, crippling our use of MuseScore on iOS devices.  I have sent messages to admins of this Group, Thomas and Nicolas, asking for an explanation. (For some reason, Dmitriy's page does not permit messages.)

My request: Bring back the old app and let's debug the new version properly before releasing it again!


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