Cannot login as Pro without payïng again!

Dec 18, 2018

With the new update V.2.1.5 (17 dec. 2018) I need to accept payïng first again for a yearly subscription while I'm already Pro user. Previously I could choose for directly login. Again this update was not present in my 12.1 iOS but in my 10.3 iOS (which I never update carefully preserving my V.1.13). You really cannot expect me payïng again before I can open the app. Additionally I don't want to accept an automatic yearly subscription for an app which is untill now completely useless for me. I really will help testing new updates but not if this every time is new dissapointement. You need to solve this first.


Thank you for feedback.
What version of the app is there a problem?
How are you trying to enter the app? (email, facebook, google)
How was it found that you need to pay the subscription again to log in as PRO?
Can't you read? I downloaded the last version V.2.1.5 from the app store and open it then you now first need to choose your instrument then your type of music (also strange choice to start with imo) then you go on and the only thing you can do is agree to pay for a monthly subscription with 40% discount or a yearly subscription with 50% discount. That's it. Then I can only go on by giving my apple password to agree with it, which I will NOT. No choice anymore to choose for login, which previously was possible.
Hi, @Robipad
Actually, there must be a 'cancel' button in the right top corner. Just click it and you will be on the main screen where you enter your login and password as usual.
Sorry but your next update (18 dec) is still very confusing. Your "Cancel" button is called "close" and doesn't light up like the "Restore" button so it doesn't make any "sense" for a user to even try it. ( this message is updated since your suggestion didn't make sense to me untill I did it all again). The button in the top left says Restore. In the previous 17 dec update that only restarted the whole sequence so it kept you circling around for ever. In the present update Restore will still ask you to add my apple ID, preventing that you confirm the acception of the subscription. So just for the sake of testing it I added my apple ID. Actually this is NOT what I like to do, because this still will give me an idea that I might be charged. The previous ( before 17 dec) updates did show up with a normal login for with the MuseScore name and password. That should be how it should be restored. But anyhow after giving my apple ID it came back with a thank you message. Then it asked me again to enter instrument, music type and skills, doïng so it returned again with the prices and again I can go to Restore, then it immediatelly came with the thank you message and again I need to fill in all stuff. It just stays looping and never will start the app. So since you use confusing messages all the time I tried again and tried the "Close" button which indeed brought up the MuseScore login. And don't ask me for my Apple ID when I restore but show up with a Musescore login instead. I expect to get my money back if I'm charged I didn't confirm anything. "Restore" suggests it will come up with your MuseScore login. A not litted button "Close" suggest firstly you cannot use it, and secondly if you use it it might end the whole procedure. So call it "Direct Login". Then again for the 4th time this "update" didn't show up in my iOS 12.1.. iPad. That means that you will loose all your Songbook content with any new update since you first need to delete the previous version otherwise I cannot install updates. ASFAIK this has been all the time with my new iPad. Never seen an "update". I only know from my old iPad there is a new update like this 18 dec one. That is why you get response. In other words very few people will install updates anyway. I hope it helps.

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