Colours for words?

Aug 23, 2017

Hey guys, please add your thoughts (and experiences)!!!
Just curious about your perceptions

So for words, do you actually see all the colours for every letter? For me, there are "stronger" letters and "weaker" letters. For example, the letter U is a very strong letter. If a word has the letter U in it, I will see its colour for sure. However, letters such as H or Z aren't so strong and their colours are only obvious when very few or no strong letters are present. I know some people base the colour of a word on the first letter or they all the colours all the time. So how do you see words?

Also, what about words like "yellow" or "black"? They describe colours, but for me, the word "black" has no black in it whatsoever. But when someone says "black" to me, I still think of the colour black. Even with concrete nouns, I see the colours of the thing rather than the colours of the letters. For example, one time someone asked me what colour "banana" was. I thought of yellow (because bananas are yellow) but when I look at the word "banana", it has no yellow at all.


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