Instrument Names

I would like to know everyone's instrument's names (if they have one). My violin's name is Velvet and my electric violin that I have ordered is Electrik Erik.

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10 months ago

Colours of key?

I’ve found with all songs that don’t have lyrics, they seem to be a particular colour. I’ve found that each key has particular vibes, but the colours change depending on the instrument sets. I’ve noticed that all the keys with flats (down to A flat) are more meaningful, and then the sharps are more carelessly happy. I can imagine some sort of chart thingo to show you what I mean.
Happy. Solemn
C#. F#. B. E. A. D. C. F. Bb. Eb. Ab
Here are the colours I feel:
C# - Slightly dark aquamarine
F# - Yellow-Orange
B - Turqiouse with a bit of yellow
E - Pink!
A - Glorious sunset orange or red
D - pink and blue
G - aqua
C - white
Bb - Brown
Eb - Dark Jade
Ab - Rose red/sunset pink-red

These are only major keys though.
What do you think?

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9 months ago