Nature on my FHL Vacation

My family and I just went on a trip to the Friday Harbor Laboratories, in the San Juan Islands (just between Vancouver and Washington State). Since this is the only nature group I know of, I'm just gonna go ahead and post my list of all the noteworthy animals (pretty much all of which are marine invertebrates) that I and my brother (and my dad) found while we were there. Now you know what I do in my spare time.
Seriously, look up some of the latin names. Some of these animals are really cool.

-pileated woodpecker- dryocopus pileatus
-belted kingfisher- megaceryle alcylon
(gray coloration)
-pelagic cormorant- phalacrocorax pelagicus
-saddleback gunnel- pholis ornata
(other assorted gunnels reaching a length well over six inches)
-tidepool sculpin- oligocottus maculosus
-juvenile sailfin sculpin- nautichthys oculofasciatus
-northern clingfish- gobiesox maeandricus
-stink-bug nymph — chlorochroa (sp?)
-silver-spotted tiger moth — lophocampa argentata
-rough-skinned newt — taricha granulosa
-pacific tree-frog — pseudacris regilla
-harbor seal — phoca vitulina
(achieved a close underwater sighting when the seal attacked the swarm of fish gathered around a powerful dock-light)
Polychaete Worms:
-fifteen-scaled worm — harmothoe imbricata
-nereid worm — nereididae (sp?)
(over two feet long, these could be called ragworms)
-split-branch feather-duster — schizobranchia insignis
-red-trumpet calcareous tubeworm — serpula columbiana
-curly-headed spaghetti worm — thelepus crispus
———Other Worms:
-polyclad flatworm — notoplana (sp?)
(less than one inch long, dull brown coloration)
-orange ribbon worm — tubulanus polymorphus
-red ribbon worm — Cerebratulus montgomeryi
(some were very large—nemerteans are stretchy and hard to measure...) <>
-Agassiz's peanut worm — phascolosoma agassizii
Snails, Limpets and Chitons:
-smooth velvet snail — velutina prolongata
-checkered hairy snail — trichotropsis cancellata
-rough keyhole limpet — diodora aspera
(approx. three inches long)
-northern hairy chiton — mopalia kennerleyi
-lined chiton — tonicella lineata
-leopard/ringed/San Diego nudibranch— Diaulula sandiegensis
-noble dorid/sea lemon — peltodoris nobilis
-three-lined aeolid — flabellina trilineata
(approx. thirty specimens could be found in a few hours)
-long-mouthed aeolid — flabellina trophina
-white and orange tipped nudibranch— janouls fuscus
-branched dendronotus — dendronotus venustus
-shaggy mouse/shag rug nudibranch — aeolida papillosa
-opalesccent nudibranch — hermissenda crassicornis
-clown nudibranch — triopha cataline
-frosted nudibranch/white-lined dirona — dirona albolineata
-golden/tranlusect dirona — dirona pellucida
-red sponge nudibranch — rostanga pulchra
-lion's melibe — melibe lionina
——Kelp Crabs
-sharp nosed crab — skyra acutifrons
-graceful kelp crab — pugettia gracilis
-northern kelp crab — pugettia producta
-graceful decorator crab — oregonia gracilis
——Rock Crabs
-red rock crab — cancer productus
(several juvenile cancer productus with various zebra-stripe patterns also found)
-dungeness crab — cancer magister
(collected in beach seine net by students/residents at Friday Harbor Labs)
-pygmy rock crab — cancer oregonensis
——Shore Crabs
-purple shore crab — hemigraspus nudus
-flattop (porcelain) crab — petrolisthes cinctipes
-helmet/helmut crab — telmessus cheiragonus
-hairy (lithodid) crab — hapalogaster mertensii
-black-clawed crab — lophopanopeus bellus
-eelgrass/kelp isopod — (pent) idotea resicata
-dock/coonstripe shrimp — pandalus danae
-stout shrimp — heptacarpus brevirostris
-stiletto shrimp — heptacarpus stylus
-sitka shrimp — heptacarpus sichensis
-small eyed shrimp —heptacarpus carinatus
-giant acorn barnacle — balanus nubilus
-pelagic goose-neck barnacle — lepas anatifera
——Sea Urchins
-green urchin — strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
——Brittle Stars
-daisy brittle star — ophiopholis aculeata
-long-rayed brittle star —amphiodia occidentalis
——Sea Stars
-ochre/purple star — pisaster ochraceous
-six-ray star — leptasterias hexactis
-blood star — henricia leviuscula
-sunflower star —pycnopodia helianthoides
——Sea Cucmbers
-stiff-footed sea cucumber — eupentacta quinquesemita
-orange sea cucumber — cucumaria miniata
——Sea Anemones
-giant plumose anemone — metridium farmicen
-opalescent in-shore/california market squid (juvenile) — doryteuthis opalescens
———I will not go into plankton or any planktonic animals right now.

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