Smash Ultimate!

So we know that Joker is going to be in smash, but what are characters that YOU want to be in smash? 
Personally, I want:

Bendy (Bendy & The Ink Machine) 
BB-8 (Star Wars)
The Neighbor (Hello Neighbor)
Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
 Vault Boy (Fallout)
Boy (God Of War)

That's all I got so far...

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6 days ago

Nintendo Switch Online

Tomorrow Nintendo Switch Online will come out and so far I was happy because of the benefits. But then I read this on the Internet:
Saved game data stored in the cloud can not be retained beyond the duration of the membership.
Does that mean that we lose our game data, if we no longer want to use Nintendo Switch Online? This would be... :( ... not nice...
I hope I got it wrong. Does anyone know something about it?
And sorry for my bad English.

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2 months ago

Got nintendo online.

I just got Nintendo Online so I can play online when SSBU comes out. I tried the NES games and I'm ADDICTED to Dr. Mario, and the Yoshi game now. BTW does anybody know why Zelda is on the lineup twice? Are the 2 any different?

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a month ago