2018 Public Domain works - Transcribathon

I want to propose an online activity/event to transcribe the works that will be available in the public domain from January 1, 2018, but I'm looking for the best way to invite this community.

The work of several Dutch composers will be available in the public domain from January 1, 2018. One important composer is Willem Pijper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willem_Pijper). His work is managed by the Willem Pijper Foundation and the foundation is also looking for ways to get this work seen/used more. One way would be to have this work transcribed on MuseScore. We're organizing Public Domain Day 2018 on January 5 in The Hague (to celebrate the fact that new work is available in the public domain) and this day would be a great kick off for such a Transcribathon. Wikimedia in The Netherlands is involved in the organisation of Public Domain Day 2018 in The Netherlands and they will organise an online event to improve the Wikipedia pages of all the Dutch people whoms work will then be available in the public domain. A few prices will handed out to volunteers that have worked on these pages. It would be great if we could enrich those pages with music scores too later in 2018. We could also make this a competition with prices for the amount of work, quality of the edits, etc.

I'm sure that there will be other composers in other countries too, so we could make this an international event.

Are you interested in organizing such an online, or maybe even offline, event? If so, how could I start this/whom should I contact?

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a year ago