May 15, 2018

I have loved Poulenc's music (especially his piano music) since I was a small child, and I just wonder if anyone else shares my appreciation for his music. 


I've also heard of Poulenc. I find he switches keys too often for my tastes, but there are some pieces of his that I like (liking a few or more of their pieces seems to happen with every composer I listen to, though).

I was first introduced to Poulenc's music by needing to play his Pastourelle from L'eventail de Jeanne for piano lessons.
Yes, Poulenc does switch keys quite often within a short time frame. I suppose that is part of his frivolous, carefree style he is best known for. 

My personal favorite Poulenc piece is the Organ Concerto. This is one of his later pieces, when he began composing in a more solemn, introverted style. The Organ Concerto, along with his Gloria, almost sound to me Neo-Baroque, like a 20th century Bach.

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