Rules for a piano composition contest

Hello. I am wondering if you all would help create the rules for a contest we're planning. Some of the questions we have are:

1) should eligible pieces be able to be more than one or two parts. Or are they valid if they have a piano in it.. not even being the instrument carrying the melody.

2) should the admins be the judges? should the judges be allowed to participate? how will we do the judging? will it be collective or just the admins or other?

3) what would a respective date be for everyone? what would be the time to upload a piece for the contest and what would be the judging period (would it be a matter of a couple of days?)

4) how would we judge? would it by commenting points then admins adding them up?

5) Who can join?

6) does the piece need to be new or can it be an already existing piece (we already know it will be a composition).

7) Prizes? what could we give?

if anyone can help with these or more questions to help pull these off I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


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