BACHand pianoforte .

Dec 17, 2017

Bach knew the piano and miraculously after al the bombings during WW@ papers archived show Bach actually sold Pianos to a nobleman or at least procures them .Bach constantly rewrote or played his music on other insstrumenst - look at the lute pieces look at he keyboard versions of the violin music and hundreds (maybe) other examples . The piano has so many colors esp. when played by a resourceful executant that we all know Bach would have loved especiallly all of our modern instruments . If he had known the tam-tam and gong and synthesizer and lived in our times he wuld be making unbelievably clever music . If you know Rzewsky ,Bolcolm and thousands of others you already know unbelievable miracles are being accomplished daily .Rosalyn Tureck is so great .i always learn from her. Glenn Gould's genius is so musical I listen often without thinking but daily some magnificence of his musicality becomes more apparent . Ton Koopman is also an excellent keyboardist. Remember Bach most often wrote Klavier meaning any keyboard instrument at hand would be suitable an he sel more music that way .When I was achild I adored the organ .Now I ignore it . Hope this soon changes . Tra lala .


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