Piano Recitals

Jun 3, 2018

What is your funniest, most embarrassing, best, etc. piano recital you have experienced? And what song did you play?


I was fortunately not the player, but I was at a concert and this solo pianist was in the middle of playing and suddenly he played this harsh chord, which caught us all by surprise. He continued to play the song effortlessly, and then after the piece, we all applauded and the pianist laughed and said, "sorry about the mistake, a cockroach crawled across the keyboard. That's never happened before"
@Isaac Glover
That's would freak me out so much! I hate bugs, so I would probably end up stop playing lol.
A while back, I was playing Musical moments no. 3 by Schubert. I had the piece memorized, so I didn't have any music with me. I totally blanked when it came to the end, so I just made something up. It sounded more like jazz improv than Schubert. Oh, well.
In one recital a few years back, I played Bohemian Rhapsody. There were a few drunk parents in back laughing, then I played it fine and they just froze.
Ich hatte letzte Woche ein Konzert und ich habe es auswendig gespielt selbst an der Stelle wo ich sonst immer total schlecht war, war ich diesmal gut, aber die vorletzte Zeile ich habe falsch gedacht und habe dann etwas doppelt gespielt. Ich habe übrings "Für Elise" von Ludwig van Beethoven gespielt

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