What do you think about classic music education?

Jun 14, 2018

Few days ago, my daughter (6 years old) visited an exam at music school. I was there. And I remembered the atmosphere of my childhood. When I was 10, I was studying at Music School.

It was time of musician-friends, nice time after school... Also it was 3 hours of piano playing per day (and it was very boring compositions). Solfege, where we tried to repeat very incomprehensible parts from Gluk music. 

And I'm sad about it. I made the decision: If she passes the exam or not, I'll not let her attend music school. On the contrary, I'll hire a personal teacher. And this teacher will not only teach her play, but teach her love to play. The goal is not to bring a world-star pianist. The goal is in 12-15 years she should be a music lover. She should love to play in 17-18-19 years old. Not to be like a 90% of graduates, who hate to play music after music school.

But it's about Russian musical school systems. But for me it's interesting: What's with Europe music schools?
Is it as boring as in Russia? Have you a problem, that 90% of children hate playing music after music school?


This is a really interesting question. I personally think that a lot of the problems children face in music institutions comes from finances. Who pays for the very expensive music education: government, parents, etc...? No matter who pays they usually want something in return. Is the child worth the the money invested in them? Well, lets do exams to see that! It is not a very healthy situation for a child.
Get A private teacher I think. It is better for A person to love it than be a virruoso. And as they develop they might even choose for themselves to practice hard.

Also in America at least not all music schools are like that. Mine is built for people to develop at their own pace. It is A part of the Suzuki method.

Music schools aren't bad, but they cannot be competitive. If they are it sucks you dry and takes the fun out of it.

Generally most of the time I can get away with an hour a day, maybe a bit more if I have free time on my violin.

I hope your daughter will love the piano even at a old age.

I hope this helps!
In Sweden, we absolutely don't have this problem I think. We students often have great passion for our art and thats why we don't quit. We also have great teachers. I'm currently studying at one of the best musical gymnasiums in Sweden, so my view may be a bit biased. I often talk to american students who seem to have really bad education. For example in counterpoint classes, they are taught Palestrina-style counterpoint without ever learning why. It makes many students very close minded and I think it's great we don't have this in Sweden

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