Most difficult piece you've ever played

Sep 23, 2018

What is the most difficult piece that you have ever played(or attempted to play)?


la campanella (I failed miserably after the first minute or so)
I gotta say probably this super hard version of pirates of the Caribbean. What’s been your hardest piece that you’ve completed?
Interesting, I gotta check that out, to play that is.
Beethoven Sonata no17 (Tempest) 3rd part. I am trying to learn it but I have studied piano for about 3 years and this was about 30 yrs ago.
@Nikos Stamatiou he hee he! sorry that's funny. hey! I play that two! (well, all the movements once I am done)
Etudés d'execution trascendent d'apré Paganini no. 4 (Liszt)
@Karol Fabin I agree, Lizst is very challenging. 
I've played some pretty hard pieces but nothing too major. I am working on a Canon in D that is really difficult.
@claytonkersh22 I rush learned that piece in a month for my parents anniversary (Canon in D was played at their wedding) It worked ok, which was good!
yeah it sounds great when completed.
@claytonkersh22 Could you tell me which arrangement it is? I'd love to have a challenging version of Canon in D!
i couldn't find any good ones online i've been looking for 20 mins :(
Hey, thanks anyways! I thought you had a certain one in mind...
I do I just couldn't find it on the internet and I got it from a friend.
I do I just couldn't find it on the internet and I got it from a friend.
Ah, I understand. Thanks for looking!
Either Hungarian Rhapsody by Lizst or Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin. 
@r_beckman oh yeah, those are hard all right. I am learning the impromptu, and I 'tried' to learn Hungarian rhapsody.
@r_beckman after about 5 months I finally got Fantasie Impromptu to play in a acceptable tempo :D
Here a couple I have found pretty difficult. The Serpents Kiss by William Bolcom. This piece has a lot of very sudden mood shifts as well as some very technically challenging areas. It makes for quite the ride while still keeping a fun quirky feeling. 32 Variations in C minor by Beethoven is also quite difficult. However if you excel with scales and arpeggios then you won't have to hard of a time. And finally La Campanella by Franz Liszt. The piece starts out relatively innocent and each passage on its own (except for a couple) might not be the most difficult. But this piece is quite a workout for your right arm! Even practicing this piece for only an hour I find myself getting tired.

The monster of Liszt's Sonata in B minor. Not much can be said about this piece that hasn't already been said. The hard sounding parts are ridiculously challenging and the easy sounding parts can be quite deceptive. This isn't the hardest piece of music ever but it's certainly up there.
Prokofiev Toccata in D minor, and Liszt paganini etude no. 6 I suppose. Ravel's Jeux d'eau took a while to compete as well. 
my composition 'wings of fire' and a couple Beethoven sonatas
A mashup of Hamilton songs (Hamilton in 7 Minutes)
A mashup of Hamilton songs (Hamilton in 7 Minutes)
You are my hiding place, i dont remember who wrote it, it starts out kind of like phantom of the opera but a few keys higher
I have recently been attempting to learn a Pirates of the Carribean Medley that is 17 pages long and not to mention has some challenging measures!
I have never played piano and tried to play Koe No Katatchi LIT OST using Synthesia on a YouTube video. I have gotten about 60% done and then stopped trying when I had to process using two hands, very quickly, with no piano experience.
Death Waltz or maybe Freedom Dive
The first part of Tarkus by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
mary had a little lamb. After the first note, everything fell apart. I mean, all of the complex counter melody, chords, AND arpeggios on top of the 300 metronome setting, it didn't work. My fingers were aching after that.
Nah just kidding. Actually, I attempted to play the version of hes a pirate with all of the chords.
I did the first line ok, then it was a mess of "E! D flat! G sharp! AHHH!  F I V E NOTES! WHY DID I TRY TO PLAY THIS PIECE- wait. THEY EXPECT ME TO PLAY THAT!?!?!?!? nuh uh"
That's pretty much how it went XD
Reflet's dans l'eau - Images Book 1 by Debussy
This version of Once Upon a December someone here on MuseScore arranged. I showed it to my teacher (who is legit beyond amazing), and she was like... WAT? WHO DOES DIS MADNESS? XD I'm an overachiever, so I'm planning on playing it for my December recital. :) 

I will not fail. 
Rachmaninov op. 39 6
or Chopin double thirds
Fille aux cheveaux de lin by debussy
Nocturne op27 no.2. This is probaby one of the most difficult nocturnes but it is amazing, if you play it well.

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