do you consider yourself a professional pianist?

Jan 23, 2013

Missing 6 months to the end of my classes and piano, I look forward.


Well, professional means getting paid, and I do not. So, no.
Unfortunately, no. But I do consider myself a professional clarinetist.
oh not at ALL xD I consider myself able to play the piano as a minimum. All it is is buttons, really anyone could. I think if I could read music, however, I would probably be able to reach professional level someday
In my mind Pianist is the person who can play the Chopin's Etudes well and a good pianist is a person who be able to Play Rachmaninov's Etudes very good and Excellent pianist is who can play Transcendental Etudes perfectly .
And of course I'm not non of them .
I agree with RichardBasseball, I consider myself a decent for my age amateur pianist.
No. Definitely not. My technique is not really that good. If I had to do it for a living I'd probably be dead. Even really great musicians have difficulty earning a living doing music.

But on a good point, if I did music for a job I'd probably hate it. If you want to hate doing anything either: 1) do it for a living or 2) take a class in it !
I have started the piano when I was 14 and I am now 16. I tried to progress as much as I can, but the problem for me, is that I have a strong natural weakness on my right side of my body, which means I have coordination problems in my right hand. My piano teacher has filled me in on so much on classical piano music and I have discovered the virtuoso pianists of today and from the past of Rubinstein, Claudi Arrau, Daniel Barenboim, Evgeny Kissin etc. on YouTube which made me understand the concepts and the delights of the virtuoso pianist. Now, I am persevering with Beethoven's Opus 49 sonatas (the really easy ones) and I am acknowledging that it will be a lot more work than a set of normally coordinated pair of hands to play the more sophisticated pieces of the 19th century.
Ever since I saw the masters play Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt I wanted to be one myself, but I have a feeling that will never happen. I love the music, but I will perhaps never be able to play it. :-(
Perhaps I am just being pessimistic. We'll see.

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